Monday, January 16, 2017

‘Renegade Deplorables’ Talked Trump Team off Ledge on Election Day

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‘Renegade Deplorables’ Talked Trump Team off Ledge on Election Day

A new book reveals that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign used a secret team of outside pollsters, who called themselves the “Renegade Deplorables” — and who calmed nervous Trump staffers on Election Day, reassuring them they could win.

The book, How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution is co-written by Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak and historian and New York Times bestselling author Larry Schweikart. It alternates between Pollak’s on-the-ground reporting from the campaign trail, and Schweikart’s retelling of the history of the campaign, including new and voting data.

Schweikart assembled a team of volunteers who fed information — including data about early voting, and private poll results — directly to the Trump campaign on a daily basis, and who began calling themselves the “Renegade Deplorables,” embracing the pejorative term used by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to mock Trump voters in front of her donors.

In the book, Schweikart describes the “Renegade Deplorables” as follows: Continue Reading:>>>>>Here

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