Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dick Morris On Rogue Intel Agencies, Disgraceful Obama Exit ....Can You Handle The Truth ?

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Rogue Intel Agencies, Disgraceful Obama Exit And Shocking New Hillary Emails | Dick Morris

They are taking traitor Trump out now” — Former intelligence officer admits CIA is attempting coup against Trump

Intel operative gleefully supports CIA backed coup against Donald Trump

A former analyst with the National Security Agency admitted Thursday that the CIA is conducting an operation to take out President-elect Donald Trump.

John Schindler, a former spook who now apparently works as an establishment media propagandist, revealed what many have already believed in a series of rants on Twitter about supposed calls that Lt. General Michael Flynn made to Russia on the same day that Obama imposed sanctions on the country.

The report about Flynn’s calls came from Washington Post columnist and CIA disinformation specialist David Ignatius who was told by an unnamed Obama administration official about the calls to Russia by Trump’s soon to be national security adviser.

Schindler declared that the story was the most important in months and that Ignatius had to have gotten his information from the CIA.

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