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It’s Your Right to Burn the Flag

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William LaSalle

The problem with the Supreme Court's ruling on burning the flag.

The Supreme Court like Barack Obama knows nothing about our country or fire.

Next they will be saying Obamacare is cheaper or we can piss on them and tell them it is raining.
The First Amendment trumps Trump’s tweet — so long as judges enforce it.

How much knowledge does anyone on our Supreme Court have about fire or the nature of the heat or toxic vapors produced by fire?

The Supreme Court has admitted they were wrong before and they should rule on the Law, not rewrite the law.

Lighting things on fire in no way resembles talking.

I was a Volunteer Firefighter and a Fire Chief of a Volunteer Fire Department and went to quite a few fires and quite a bit of training on Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting, and clean up after a fire, I know the difference between fire and talking.

How much do our Supreme Court Justices know about fire and smoke?

Not as much as they know about setting around on their ass and talking.

Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death due to fires. It produces injury through several mechanisms, including thermal injury to the upper airway, irritation or chemical injury to the airways from soot, asphyxiation, and toxicity from carbon monoxide (CO) and other gases such as cyanide.

The autoignition temperature or kindling point of a substance is the lowest temperature at which it will spontaneously ignite in a normal atmosphere without an external source of ignition, such as a flame or spark. 250 degrees in how hot you get Cotton to burn it. If you are going to burn cloth, you really need to make sure it is not a plastic material.

Synthetic Cloth releases a myriad of toxic substances including dioxin and burns at a higher temperature than cotton like between 1350 degrees F and 1800 Degrees F and may drip onto your skin and stick to it like Napalm.

I was a member of the NFPA until I retired in 2013. I was a Certified National Fire Service Instructor through the Oklahoma Fire Academy in Norman, OK. I was a Fire Instructor in Arkansas certified through the Arkansas Fire Academy and taught courses to our Firefighters at the Milltown Washburn Volunteer Fire Department in Arkansas. I taught OSHA Health and Safety Courses to employees of the United States Postal Service in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I was the Incident Commander as Fire Chief of the Milltown Washburn Volunteer Fire Department at many Fire Scenes. I helped update our Health and Safety Plans at the United States Postal Service in Fort Smith, Arkansas and assisted with Fire Drills, creating Evacuation Plans, and other safety related plans and actions. I was on the Bloodborne Spill Team and the Hazardous Materials Spill Team for about 25 years there. I received annual training through the Arkansas Fire Academy and through the United States Postal Service on many things related to Hazardous Materials, fire, safety, and health.

I wonder if our Supreme Court Justices that decided fire was the same thing as talking have any experience or knowledge about fire

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