Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tancredo: Fake U.S. Embassy in Africa Only Tip of the Iceberg in Visa Fiasco


Tancredo: Fake U.S. Embassy in Africa Only Tip of the Iceberg in Visa Fiasco

We learned this week that a fake US embassy operated in Ghana’s capital city for almost 10 years before being discovered and shut down. But a few thousand fraudulent visas pale in comparison to the visa overstay epidemic that the US State Department and Homeland Security have refused for two decades to take seriously.

It is not yet known how many fraudulent US Visa and passport documents the fake Ghanaian embassy produced and sold at $6000 each, but already the State Department is dismissing the scandal as a small embarrassment but not a security issue.

The Ghanaian operation produced not only fake tourist visas but fraudulent birth certificates and passports as well, so a person born in Yemen, Egypt or Pakistan, for example, could purchase a passport or visa for a country not on the list of nations identified as a haven for terrorists.

The fake embassy was raided by Ghanaian security forces back in June but not recorded in internal State Department documents until November and not reported by US media until December 5 after European news agencies exposed it.

Although State Department personnel were involved in the June raid on the outlaw facility, it is not yet clear what role, if any, US intelligence agencies or State Department internal investigators played in uncovering the fake embassy activities.

But now that the rogue document factory has been made public, the State Department is quick to say, “Nothing to worry about here, move along.” A State Department spokesman said this week that no one using the fake documents has successfully entered the United States. How the government can be certain of that was not explained.

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