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Twelve Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant:#11,Prevention Resources

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Twelve Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant:

1) Making an Impact: 2) Food for the Mind and Heart: 3) Finding the Root of the Problem: 4) The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep 5) A Basic Overview: 6) Psalms of Comfort: 7) The Good Samaritan  Making a Difference 9) Being a Mentor 10) Power of Small things: 11) Resources: 12) Warning Signs and Contacts:

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 Prevention Resources:

These films teach teens the warning signs of trafficking through the true stories of teen age girls who were tricked by traffickers. Learn how pimps and gangs are luring youth into the commercial sex industry and how teens can protect themselves and others. The resource package includes additional educational tools to further discussion, learning and action. “CHOSEN” tells the true story of two All American teen age girls who were tricked by traffickers. 

Brianna, 18, a star student cheerleader and waitress, ...Lacy, 13, enjoyed church and volunteering in her own community. Both were skilfully targeted by traffickers and manipulated into the dangerous commercial sex market. (runtime 21:34) CHOSEN: Gang edition: Lured by promises of love Maria was recruited by a gang at 12 years old and for 5 years forced to sacrifice her body to Mexican drug runs. 

* Chosen films available in English and Spanish. Faith and Action KIT: A comprehensive kit complete with Chosen Plus tools for men, tools for women, for youth and for faith leaders. 30 day prayer guide,posters, actions, ideas and more...

* Books-- “From Congress to the Brothel (Prostitution houses) by Linda Smith 2007 “Renting Lacy” 2009 by Linda Smith. “The Underworld of child sex trafficking” buyers and victims who struggle to survive each day and night. 

* The National Report of domestic sex trafficking. Average age of victims only 13 years. * Protective Innocent Challenge: Designed to hold State lawmakers accountable for an annual report card and recommendation for improvement. 

* Research on Demand! Demanding judges reports from 2007. 

* Research on Shelter Services: Justice for Juveniles: Mapping reports 2015: Traffic Stop 2014: national colloq. 2012 report: Training....Youth training guide: (domestic) * Gang Trap: Criminal street groups: Intervene: Training videos responding to American youth. 

*Justice: Advocating for stronger, more targeted laws that will protect victims and provide harsh punishment for perpetrators.

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To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant: