Sunday, November 20, 2016


 This was written before the election. 

This is what Trump will stop.
They are counting on people having a ten second attention span and not thinking for themselves.Why is it that all of a sudden we are seeing an image of a Syrian boy in a war torn area and so called experts are going on television saying we need to stop Assad?With all the lies that Obama and Hillary have told do we really know the truth about Syria?

General William Boykin, Admiral Lyons, Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer, Assistant director of Defense under Reagan Frank Gaffney, EX CIA intelligence specialists Clair Lopez, DHS whistleblower Philip Haney, Andrew McCarthy, Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, Representatives who have been vilified...all believe, at Benghazi we switched sides on the war on terror.

Most of these very informed people believe that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated every level of our government to the top level of our security institutions.

From Benghazi on look at everything we have been doing as supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the NWO. Andrew McCarthy says Hillary Clinton's secretary Huma Abedin is Muslim Brotherhood. People are counting on you to be blinded by the liberalism and political correctness and ego and shame to keep you from seeing the conspiracy. CAIR which is one of the political jihad wings of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is involved in our policy on how we locate terrorists. With the blessing of Obama they wrote politically correct language into the process so that we are blinded in our abilities to police this nation.

Admiral Lyons said Benghazi was a failed kidnapping attempt of Ambassador Stevens who would later be exchanged for the blind sheik. When Hillary, Obama, and the Muslim Brotherhood took down the legitimate Egyptian government and replaced it with the dictator Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi. Morsi asked for release of the blind sheik. Egypt has since, taken back there government and declared Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. ( We have not. We have had Muslim Brotherhood in the White House) Papers in Egypt have called Obama and Hillary war criminals and terrorists. Obama was even involved in the uprising in the Ukraine and removing a Democratically elected government. He is the reason Russia is defending its interests in the Ukraine.

The Koran says the hypocrites should be killed and go to hell. The hard line Salifists and Muslim Brotherhood and Obama, Hillary, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, had a so called Arab Spring to remove the hypocrites which are non sharia following Muslims. These same countries that were involved in removal of non sharia governments donated millions to the Clinton foundation. Bill Clinton received millions from Muslim organizations promoting sharia. Hillary received millions for her campaign from sharia following Muslims. She had a fundraiser with many of them in Texas in January.

Before the sarin gas attack in Syria, Obama met with his Generals and said he wanted to go into Syria. They practically laughed at him. ( How many high level military personnel have been removed?)

They said this could escalate out of control and that it is dangerous. They believed Obama knew nothing about foreign policy.

Seymour Hersh said Hillary was involved in the Sarin gas attack on children in Syria. The gas did not even come from Assads supply. His information supports the scenario that it was the Salifist fighters under Hillary's control that gassed the Syrian children. It was done shortly after the Generals told Obama it would be foolish to go into Syria? Mccain was even involved in forming the opposition against Assad. Do the research. If Trump got into office many many people would go to prison and corruption from the top down would be exposed.

So why Syria? The beaches of Syria looked like California before this invasion. Non Sharia Muslim woman wore modern bathing suits, they held high positions in business, they were well educated..just like Egypt, Iraq and Libya.

It could be all about money and the NWO agenda. The goal could be in addition to radicalizing the east against Israel , to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria that would benefit Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar under a non Assad, Sharia controlled government.

Assad is fighting terrorists that are imbedded with his own people so his own people are also being killed by his military. This is almost inevitable if you want your country to survive. How many civilians did we kill in Iraq? ISIS has began to separate Syria into two regions and has been stealing Syrian oil, running tanker trucks full of oil back through Turkey, to be sold on the open market.

Russia protecting their interests is supporting Assad, bombing ISIS and saving Syrian Christians. Obama has to give the appearance of bombing ISIS yet established extreme rules of engagement. Russia did more damage to ISIS in a few days than we have done in years.

Resent information requests from Judicial watch reveal that Obama and Hillary supported ISIS. The main reason ISIS was allowed was to establish a force that would take down Assad. Benghazi was a gun running operation paid for by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to first establish a rebel army to take down Gaddafi and Assad. Weapons came in by way of Qatar to Benghazi, they were given to so called freedom fighters who were in truth hard line Wahhabi's or Salifist Muslims, who were paid to implement regime change. They had no problem doing it because they were taking down non sharia Muslim countries. They hate the non sharia Muslims in Syria and were cutting their heads off with the blessing of Obama and Hillary.

What Hillary and Obama promoted is what is spreading terrorism throughout the civilized nations. The Koran says Muslims who migrate for the cause of Allah will receive the same reward as the mujahedeen the fighters. Those same Muslims cause is to set up the world wide Caliphate establishing world wide sharia. They are called not to assimilate and practice taqiyya, the art of deception. The Koran calls Allah the greatest of schemers. 

The scheme is world wide sharia. Every mosque outside of a sharia run county is a military stronghold and sign that sharia has conquered that area. Obama who says, " The future must not belong to those who slander the name of the prophet of Islam", boasts about there being over 1200 mosques across the country.

The hard line Salifists promoted by Obama and Hillary, many saw better pay working with AL QAEDA in Iraq which changed their name to ISIS to confuse people. ISIS has created the environment for migration or civilization jihad and most of those coming into civilized nations are the age of soldiers. When the fatwas are called out from the mosques across the country, they will all go to war.

In the meantime, regime change in the Ukraine and the PROPAGANDA MACHINE set up to take down Assad is putting us on the brink of World War 3. Trump said he wanted to stop the endless cycles of wars.

In the interest of time and wanting you to own the information yourself I did not spell out my source materials. Review the people I listed review wikileaks releases of Hillary and George Soros emails, review Judicial watch FOIA releases.

Pray. We will go to war with sharia following Muslims on our soil and we may be going to World War 3 very soon. Obama may push us into it even before the elections if Hillary is losing. Hillary' s only true platform is Saul Alinsky. Her motivation is power and her objectives are the same as her handler George Soros.

Your choice by your vote is, to expose the deception and have peace with Russia and go to war with sharia following Muslims on our soil with our government behind us, or the destruction of our Constitution, our nation, WWIII with the goals of the NWO and the Muslim Brotherhood, sharia Muslims be defended by a DHS controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, crisis leading to crisis response of a police state...

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