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POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY:11/26/16,"A Polemic Against A Most Disgusting Media"


"A Polemic Against A Most Disgusting Media"

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"A Polemic Against A Most Disgusting Media"

How is that for the understatement of the year? To think otherwise you'd have to be very dumb. Let me make that very clear. This election was the final blow to any pretense of any objectivity. They truly hated Donald Trump and made it quite obvious that they adored Hillary. This campaign we saw them piling it on. There was so much Trump bashing. Could you blame the DON for acting the way he did earlier this week when he gave them a tongue lashing? Since the days of WATERGATE the media has been in a rapidly downward descent. The Fourth Estate is a far cry from what it used to be. They now have such an agenda. They act so damn recklessly.

We seem them now face an industry wide crisis. They are in desperate need to regain the people's trust. I believe I speak for millions when I say they give just about everyone total disgust. Whether it's print journalism, network or cable news shows it doesn't really matter. They're all just so sickening. A good 'poster boy' for them would be a Dan Rather. Yes. Dan is still and phony as ever with that homespun folksiness that can make one want to puke. His hatred of Nixon and the Bushes is most worthy of the strongest rebuke. There are so many of these weasels who are Rather-like. They pretty much were all gathered in Trump Tower's boardroom. It was there that we saw our DON release his wrath on them. Did he ever lower the boom.

WikiLeaks did us a great service when they validated what we all knew. They were in collusion with the Democrat Party and much more than we thought. This media is so dishonest and corrupt. They are so easily bought. It's an elitist mentality that we saw them have. They were so disparaging of we who supported Trump. Their ears were made of tin as they paid no attention to the concern of the middle class that led to the DON'S win. It was their hubris that was hard to surpass and they rightfully took it on the chin. They tried to push the narrative that Trump was unhinged. For the highest office in the land he lacked the proper temperament. But in the end the DON remained unimpinged. He will be our 45th President.

What kind, if any, soul searching will this dishonest and unfair media do?? That is the burning question that needs to be answered. Methinks that they will hunker down after this week's browbeating. Of that I am quite sure. They will continue to do their DON demonizing. It will be the same old damn manure. But they have never confronted anyone like Donald Trump. They have certainly met their match in him. The DON is as unpredictable as one can me. The media has certainly found out he is no John McCain and nothing like Mitt Romney. The previous GOP standard bearers were like putty in the hands of the verminous press. But our Donald Trump couldn't give a damn. See him spit in the face of this wretched political correctness.

We know what the press coverage of a Trump Presidency will be like. From them he will not get the slightest break. All the damn breaks and passes will have been given to the previous regime. All of their scandals were greeted with the biggest of yawns. Frankly it was an utter disgrace. They will more than ever pile it on the DON. You see the media will feel they have to save face. It is time to move on. There will be a lot on Our President elects plate. He should take a lot of comfort in the knowledge that he has the people's backing. It will not be easy for we know this media will fall back to the only thing they know how to do and that is to keep attacking. They will no doubt fail as they did in this campaign. The electorate didn't respond to how the media wanted them to. They were shocked at how they behaved. They rejected Hillary and turned to the DON. WHY?? Our beloved America needed to be saved!!

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