Monday, October 3, 2016

What's on my mind?:Kris Anne Hall.

What's on my mind?

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters ,

 I have some information I would like to pass on to you, those of you who have been paying attention and know about Kris Anne Hall. 

She will be in New Jersey October 11 through the 19th 

I believe, she will be in Hightstown New Jersey on October 11 and she'll be in Barnegat on October 12 and a few other places in the state between those dates, if you want more information on listening to her lectures on the Constitution and your rights, contact Dan O'Neill at 609 – 477 – 3724, if there's anybody worth listening to, this woman is that person, thanks Bill Sharpe. 

PS.she will also be in new Oxford PA Crosse Keys motor in on 10/20/2016 and you can contact Jeff Trish at 717 – 630 – 8573 for more information, and she will also be at King of Prussia volunteer fire company on 10/19/ 2016 and that's on 170 Allendale Rd. King of Prussia, all of these events start at seven o'clock,and end at nine, for more information on the King of Prussia events, go to citizens for liberty webpage.

The Origin of American Religious Liberty

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