Sunday, October 16, 2016

What's on my mind?:Christian voters

What's on my mind?

by-Chris Martineau 

Conservative Author I see a lot of articles bandied about social media posting the obvious conflict of interest Christians and Constitutional conservatives are faced with when forced to choose between two candidates (Clinton and Trump) whose records, rhetoric, and conduct stand in such stark opposition to what we value and believe. I hear many a supporter of both Trump and Clinton talk about God using / working through flawed candidates and so forth.

They insist that principled and Christian voters should "have faith" that candidates who resemble the biblical characters Herod and Jezebel much more closely than they do anyone God ever lifted up to lead - will be his instruments. But I simply reject that premise as unfounded, and at best: 

Baseless rationalization and wishful thinking. Principled / Christian voters were the ones supporting Cruz and Jim Webb. Principled / Christian voters have no candidate representing us this election. 2016 is not about God, "lifting up" or "working through" a flawed candidate. 2016 is an example of what John Calvin meant when he said:

 “When God wants to judge a nationHe gives them wicked rulers”. 2016 will be the year of the wicked ruler, and God reminding us of what happens when a nation strays from his word. As individuals, we faithful Christians can pray for his protection and guidance during a season of bitter harvest - but this election is much less about God's will, and much more about God giving a flawed and fallen nation over to the just consequences of their own free will. 

Look for 2016 to be the election where a loving parent finally allows a willful child to touch the hot stove. In the grand scheme of things - this will be a "teaching moment" where the wise instructor allows the defiant pupil to learn by experiencing the negative results of their poor decision making. Whether you are a Democrat or a Conservative - if you have that gun and that bible handy, now might be a good time to start clinging again.

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