Friday, October 7, 2016

The Most Powerful Anti-Hillary Ad Yet Was Released And It Just Changed Everything

The Most Powerful Anti-Hillary Ad Yet Was Released And It Just Changed Everything

The video from the American Rising PAC was simply titled "Trustworthy" and may be the most damaging video to Hillary Clinton's campaign. 

Ending The Fed reported: With thought provoking background music, the advertisement chronicles a myriad of Clinton’s contradictory statements and actions throughout the course of her political career. Controversy after controversy is addressed, such as Benghazi, the emails, her handling of Russia, her failed diplomacy, and her lack of transparency.

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Proof that Hillary sold weapons to ISIS. Are we not in a declared war with ISIS? If that was the status at the time of her act, would this not be an act of treason?

At minimum they'd have been on a list of Terrorist Orgs with whom Americans cannot lawfully transact, right? Anybody know the answers to these questions?

Our DOJ will not pursue this. The "penalty" will have to be political. We'd better be sure she PAYS IT!

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Hillary's Actions "worse than what took place in the administration of Richard Nixon"


From Patricia Anthone:

"Candidates for office must be measured against FIXED standards of decency, competence, demonstrated ability and Constitutional fidelity. 

If the ONLY thing that makes Trump an acceptable choice is the corruption of Clinton, then your thinking is FLAWED. Clinton's corruption DOES NOT QUALIFY Trump.

This common thinking fail is the inevitable result of the binary choice offered by the 2-Party System, the INTENT of which is to PREVENT either parties or candidates from meaningful measure. They guarantee themselves a shield by holding up the specter of their demonized opponent. We CORRECT the problem when we BREAK FREE of the 2-Party domination of our political process. Accept the CHALLENGE of Political LIBERTY - Inform, Examine, Speak and VOTE your CONSCIENCE. 43% of American voters (gallup survey, Aug 2016) have ABANDONED the 2-Party Cartel in favor of INDEPENDENT or 3rd party candidates. 

This may well be the year we break the hold of the major Parties. Remember that the Independent vote needn't coalesce around a single 3rd-party or Independent candidate to achieve this freedom. We DON'T need to win 270 - we need only DENY 270 electoral votes, after which it goes to the HOUSE. In the House the decision is considered on the MERITS using metrics ignored by an electorate rendered nearly incompetent by irrational binary thinking."

From Patricia Anthone:

From my new friend, Becky Turley Rasmussen

An increasing number of friends are calling me and sending private messages asking two questions. 1. Is it really possible for someone besides Hillary or Donald to win? 2. If not, how can we reconcile throwing our vote away?

Today my friend, (who was also my Young Women's President 24 years ago) asked me to share my response publicly after she received my answer. This was my response to Rebecca Kirkham Beck:

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