Monday, October 31, 2016

EYE OPENER'S :How I See It... Craziest Elections We Have Ever Witnessed In This Country

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by Sharon White

How I See It...

This is one of the craziest elections we have ever witnessed in this country. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton should never have been nominated while under a federal investigation. Yet she was. She absolutely stole the election from Bernie Sanders while under that same investigation. Then the FBI says they won’t press charges?

Now that voting has begun, reports of voter fraud run rampant and we all are furious! Wikileaks is releasing emails where each one is even more unbelievable than the last. Not to mention the videos from Project Veritas that are quite damaging. Now the FBI opens up the investigation once again.

This could be the worst political crime ever unveiled in our history or the biggest scam ever pulled on the American people. Social media is on fire with posts after posts of treason so in our face, and now mainstream media is starting to talk about it. I thought the mainstream media was bought so why are they now starting to talk? Even Obama has canceled the rest of his campaign for Hillary. The man who never stops lying, what does he have to lose at this point by pull out of the campaigning?

While everyone else seems to be excited, I have to admit, it alarms me. Think about it for just a second, please bare with me, I need to voice this. To me, this is just all coming out too perfect right before the big election and we may finally get her arrested. So what if Hillary withdraws or is disqualified, as she should be, what happens? Trump wins by default? Bernie jumps in? How is that fair to him that he has missed out on all the debates and campaigning? Kaine? He can’t get more than 6 people to a rally. We all know that almost everyone in DC doesn’t want Trump elected. If Hillary goes down how many more will go down with her?

So, what must Obama do to keep Trump out of the White House, and keep the Establishment’s gravy train going and not end up in jail himself? I mean they are doing some really bad stuff that could get them executed for treason. We have been presented with voter fraud that is so vast; we have clearly a corrupt politician running for president. What should a sitting president do when faced with this type of corruption in an election for the highest office of our country?

The way I see it, it gives him the perfect scenario to cancel the elections. You say but he has no right to do that under the Constitution! He wouldn’t dare! The Constitution has been out the window for 8 years, and we all know it. Think back to the Executive Order 13603 that he wrote back in 2012, National Defense Resources Preparedness that gives him the power to call Martial Law anytime he deems necessary, in war times or in peaceful times, and give him authority over all yours, mine and every ones resources. All up to President Obama and he might include our corrupt Congress. It’s not constitutional but when have we every seen that stopped our treasonous traitor president? So if he cancels the elections, then what?

Well there are going to be some really furious Trump supporters that will go off. Face it, we have been holding our breath until this Muslim gets kicked out of our White House. So what can Traitor Obama do to bring law and order back to America? What we have all feared he would do call Martial Law, bring in UN troops and disarm America. Many people say it won’t happen, he will never get our guns, he doesn’t have to, he can fly his drones over our homes since we all have been ranting on FB and Twitter for years now. Or when they start handing out rations guess what you have to choose? Or they can threaten to poison us with the crap they are spraying from planes. Who needs gas chambers?

After all they have practiced this on more than one occasion, for instance Katrina, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, etc. I can continue to paint the scene; I pray I am wrong on this.

Could a Hollywood movie have had a better plot?

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