Sunday, October 2, 2016


So often, Satan's taken souls on this earth mock the behaviors and actions and traditions of God and His children. Just as many Christians "take a knee" in prayer and obedience to God, you see football players today "take a knee" in their actions and beliefs that create disunity and show disrespect for our nation that was formed and laid before God, under God, for God over all things and men. Troublemakers in this dark world seized their hearts and minds and blinded them to God's love and blessings.  Instead of taking a knee in praise and thankfulness, they now kneel in rebellion and create more trouble and division instead of living in the love of Christ and with one another. 

Listen to the twisting tongues who tell Christians that if they love people, they should love all people.  WHAT A TWISTED LIE.  Christians love all people, and because that love is so great, so great in Christ, when they see their fellow man being taken down a path of destruction by Satan and his taken ones on this earth, THEY LOVE THEM ENOUGH TO WARN THEM OF CHOOSING A PATH OF DARKNESS, of compromising God's Word, of becoming self-ruled instead of God ruled, of following Satan's voice and deceptions just as he has done since in the Garden of Eden to Eve. His language is cunning, his voice charismatic, his arrows straight for the vulnerabilities and weaknesses he well sees in you. CHRISTIANS WARN OTHERS BECAUSE THEY LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  "... do not regard him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother." 2 Thessalonians 3 : 10

Those fooled by the great liar of this earth also stereotype Christians as "intolerant," while displaying their own intolerance against those who are also free to believe and live and speak as they choose. These are hypocrites stirring trouble and division with chained minds and hearts who allowed Satan to be their master instead of following the ways of God in love, gentleness, kindness, self-control, and God's way in working through problems. 

Evil in America now projects whole groups of people as "evil" for any acts some individuals independently CHOOSE to do. And as evil escalates in America, the dark force works to demean a whole nation for the wrongs of a few, in the past or currently.  Civil, loving, respectful dialogue to solve problems and hold individuals accountable has projected to defiling whole groups of people into one and now our nation as a whole. Take note of the many, many times, at home and abroad, our own president today has demeaned America from his "pulpit." 

"To be right with God is often to be in trouble with man." Tozer said these words. GOD SAID THESE WORDS. God told us to stand with and for Him in this dark world ruled by the prince of this world, and to expect that we would have persecution. The darkness does not like the light of God's truths shining on it, exposing it.  IT ALWAYS ATTACKS BACK. 

MAKE A DECISION THAT YOU ARE GOING TO STAND FOR THE TRUTH. STAND FOR THE LORD, HIS WORD AND HIS TRUTHS. PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD AND WALK IN THE LIGHT. Support one another, Christians. Try to find a church that stands firm in the Word of God and not those changing God's Word yet still refer to themselves as Christians and children of God, calling the obedient Christians the "intolerant" Christians.  Leave those assemblies if they have agreed with man's changes and left God's Word. 

Love of God must come before and above all men and yourself. And love of your fellow man sometimes means to warn them when you witness their choices that go against God. IF YOU SEE AND HEAR THE COMPROMISERS IN YOUR HOME, IN YOUR CHURCH, IN YOUR FRIENDS, OR ANY OTHER PLACE THAT TURNS FROM GOD'S WORD, in love and gentleness and kindness, warn them of their path away from God and into Satan's dark world. 

The day of the Lord is approaching. Stand firm in the Lord and shine your light of God into this darkness spreading and consuming souls. IF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, TELL THE TRUTH IN LOVE. HONOR GOD IN YOUR WITNESS. You may very well save someone from the grips of eternity in hell.

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