Saturday, September 17, 2016


posted by Michael Duane Small

Why is Donald Trump qualified to be President of the united States?
Why is Hillary Clinton NOT qualified to be President of the United States?

We know the crimes of Hillary Clinton and we know the government representatives who are nothing but criminals want her in the White House! Why? Is it so hard to understand?

Look At Her Eyes ,They say it All

A look at Hillary Clinton and we all know the facts:
1. She lies constantly
2. She wheels and deals for the wealth and power
3. She cares not about people and life as she is nothing but a politician and criminal who should be behind bars rather than running for the highest office in this nation.

A government Of the People, By the People and For the people is a government of citizens who believe in the basic principles that set this great nation on a course that was once the hope and dreams of a great many. Where are those hopes and dreams today? Where is our government today? Where is our Sovereignty today? Who understands the Constitution for the united States and what happens to dream builders of a failed nation? Who do you trust to lead our once Grand Constitutional Republic?

A look at Donald Trump and what do we realize? 

1. He is a self made man
2. He is a great business person who employes and is respected by those who work for him.
3. He cares very much for people and that shows well with his family.
4. He cares very much for a nation in distress; i.e. national bankruptcy and wayward government, open borders, national security.

To be a strong leader of a nation, you must have the needs of the nation and its people within your thoughts, prayers and your heart. You must have strong moral fiber and the respect of those who know you best. Only then can you shine outwardly where others can realize who and what you really stand for, and not what much of the news media want you to think.

You must surround yourself with the those you can trust, even if being able to trust is not always predictable.

You must have a strong will and direction as well as vision and you must understand what is wrong and right within a nation.

Those with their eyes, ears and minds open have studied, at least a certain amount of history of the nation and understand the problems faced by a nation. Moreover, you must be willing to learn the importance of the very fabric that has formed a Nation of Nations as well as what is necessary to bring a nations fruits to bear.

A Constitutional Republic of Constitutional Republics; all sovereign must be understood as well as the Supreme Law that has made it so. In other words, you must understand, we are not and never have been a democracy and therefore, the Constitution does not belong to the US Supreme Court, the Congress, the White House or anyone else but the people themselves.

No one has the right to change this most precious document and yet, criminals have done so (illegally and unconstitutionally). Where was the US Supreme Court and Congress when their job is to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution and never to change it beyond those amendments which are and must be in complete agreement with the basic document? Where is our 13th amendment and why do we have unconstitutional amendments (16th and 17th Amendments) within a document that appears to be our Constitution but is in reality a constitution for an international Corporation that designates this nation of nations as one nation under one flag when it is not and never has been; the Constitution OF the United States Corporation; i.e. the Act of 1871.

There should never be Liberals or Conservatives within Government as there is only room for Constitutionalists who will devote their elected or appointed tenures to the very oath they take upon accepting their titles given them by the citizens or through the citizens elected representatives. The US Supreme Court and the Congress both have traitors within as well as many traitors are within the so called Federal government today. Why?

Who is qualified to run a Nation such as the united States.

President Kennedy was threatened by evil people because he had a weakness; he loved women and in a monogamous society, that is not a healthy trait, but at the times of his youth, being a man was expected and women were not so much respected outside the realm of family and sometimes, not even from within. Yet, loving a woman was not considered immoral by many who could grow to form a relationship from what many consider immoral behavior and what about the needs of a woman?

We have come a long way in 6,000 years and along the way we have seen great leaders and a great many with evil within their hearts and minds and women have come a long way from being just slaves for mankind. Even so, a woman is still a slave in many ways and that is because she is a woman. Then again, there is a big difference in slavery and self responsibility and there is gender responsibility that can only based upon gender.

A woman loves a man, she gives him children. Her burdens are never ending from caring for a man, her children; sick or healthy, her daily chores and needs in life and those never change in life. It is a fact of woman hood and those who understand this become the most powerful and respected of all women and when they are gone, all that is left besides memories is a river of tears for their loss.

It is said, "behind every successful man is a good woman!" It can also be said the same in reverse as a good marriage is based upon a mutually respectful and loving relationship.

Such is the same for a nation that toils every day with hopes and dreams of a better life from that of the citizen to that of the nations leaders. However, when the respect of leadership wanness then the nation suffers as the hopes and dreams of many disappear into the soiled and bitter society that develops and festers with hatred, dishonesty and self indulgence.

We have few leaders in our Congress. We have few leaders in our State Legislators and many of our judges are so corrupt, they should be removed from the practice of law and of course our leaders of recent have been removed from the practice of law as well as their wives (Obama's / Clinton's) because of their incompetence and general heatless self indulgences over power and greed.

Thus, when we look close at our leadership, there is only one person outstanding that has a chance of transitioning this nation to attempt to bring our nation back on its rightful course to greatness. Yet, that greatness will never be seen again without the general public (the citizen) following this same path back to what is considered right for all and not just the few.

A broken nation is run by self anointed, so-called, "Elite"! who are nothing but braggarts and criminals who have stolen the fruits of a nation while denying the potential of growth for those within the general public who have (had) hopes and dreams that now have become the ashes of reality.

There is only one Presidential choice today and that is Donald J. Trump, but where are the people? Where are the State Laws on Term Limits? Who in Government has been arrested for their crimes against the nation and its citizens?

Where is our Sovereignty when people like the Clinton's (Hillary), who make international agreements and remove citizens from their land by incarceration and murder, just to make more and more money? i.e. the Hammond family of Oregon and others in Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota and elsewhere!

Are we awake yet America? 


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