Sunday, September 25, 2016


Now some high school football players and team members mirror the "behaviors" of NFL players who are trashing the national anthem and disrespecting this nation. One high school team all postured down with their hands up in the air during the playing of the national anthem.

Here on the ground lies the spoutings of this generation of strong-willed, self-absorbed, belligerent children. Worst of all, you are seeing the ignorant, uninformed, fad-of-the-day-cool-thing to stand up for or lie down for in mindless group think, domino fashion. They are "independent" sponges of those poisoning  their minds. You are observing today a form of hissy fit taught in mass as a response to anything they are told is not right or wrong, history or not history, acceptable or not acceptable. They have no mind of their own, no sense to seek truth on their own, no mind that goes to discernment, critical thinking, reason or logic as to examine or offer ways to discuss problems or solve them. They played down their minds and picked up a mindset that follows along the voices that have mastered them, coached them, and now comply with the progressive play-by-play strategy of anarchists in America.

YOUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS HAVE "TAUGHT" THE LIBERAL COURSES TO YOUR CHILDREN FOR DECADES.....the changed history, the elevation of troublemakers and messaging of demeaning Americans who do not portray what they seek in changing America, the removal of God, the Bible, the teaching of sexual sin and immorality and calling it good and teaching your children that the God-loving  American is "intolerant and insensitive." Teaching the test is a method of mind control. It isn't so much about subject matter as it is just giving them information, no examination, no discussion, no TEACHES the children to TAKE WHAT WE TELL YOU, LEARN THAT ALONE, NO QUESTIONS OR COME-BACKS THAT QUELL WHAT WE SAY. All of you do as we say, think like we say, stand up for what we say, and all of you do it like we say.

Progressives know how to portray themselves as cool and enlightened, telling the children what they want to hear about themselves, charming them as special and how much THEY care for them and how they know better than parents, Christians, or what is best for them in their future in America. The idolization of humans gives evil-intended people power to influence others, especially our young. America once let God and His Book be their foundation in thinking and living. The DECEIVERS who claim to our young and others that THEY KNOW BEST and elevate WHO IS RIGHT, GOOD, TO BE LISTENED TO AND FOLLOWED, use people in sports, movies, TV, music industry to speak in "lessons" to the listening ears and push the progressive mindset. 

The domino effect of mind control is "hitting the fields" of America now. The thinking, reasoning, examining, discerning mind that once was taught to our children to surrender only to God's playbook and God's coaching were persuaded to follow another coach and play for another team: the world's team of deceiving progressives who enslave minds and hearts and create FALLEN SOULS.

Henceforth, what is lying on the ground are mind slaves, many who never picked up the helmet of the armor of God to protect their minds from the ways of the world and the sinful people in it. THE REAL CONTEST IS FOR THEIR SOULS. MANY HAVE FALLEN ON THE WRONG TEAM. THEY PLAY FOR THE ENEMIES OF THEIR SOULS WHO HAVE FOOLED THEM AND DECEIVED THEM AS "GOOD."  Their souls are being spiked into the pit of darkness, the real end zone of Satan. 

The time is NOW for the voices of truth to stand up to the progressives leading our children into destruction. Our children need to hear the warnings about the false "coaches" training them in THEIR WAYS, NOT THE "WAY THEY SHOULD GO," the way according to their Creator God in Heaven. One day the "game on earth" will play out, the buzzer (TRUMPET) will sound "GAME OVER, and we will stand before the OWNER OF THE WORLD AND UNIVERSE.  What will our response be when questioned about what we did to defend Him, His Way and His Truths? How did we lead the children?  Did we remain silent in the face of evil stealing souls, our children's souls?  

Suit up and get on the field for God.  Expect some hits, for the darkness does not ignore your light shining on its deceptive works AND PLAYS, and PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD IN THIS SPIRITUAL BATTLE RAGING IN AMERICA TODAY. 

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