Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We must turn Blue States to Red States. The Electoral College is what we need to win. Trump can win the popular vote and still lose. Did you know that? Yes, the people want Trump but can they get Trump?

There are far too many blue states that represent many electoral votes. Pennsylvania is one of them. It is crucial to make it red. New Hampshire and North Carolina need to go red.

Florida looks like it will go to Trump and so does Ohio. 

Swing states are becoming more and more important. It would help if some traditionally Blue States would turn Red.

People in crucial states must get on the ground and help Trump's campaign. 

The American people have been 'Gaslighted' far too long.

The Democratic states seem to be locked in no matter how corrupt Hillary Clinton is. They don't care how sick she is. They are devoted Democrats. They will vote for a lying candidate. We need an Army of RED to beat her. We really do need a landslide to win.

All good Americans must vote Trump. You must wear RED on election day to show our numbers and presence. We must not be denied as Americans.


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