Tuesday, August 23, 2016

‘We Knew You Would Be Here For Us..Donald Trump!!

Residents Tell Trump During Visit To Flood-Ravaged Louisiana

"America’s got to get behind him."

Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence meet with flood victims in Denham Springs, La.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received an emotional welcome Friday as he toured sections of Louisiana that were devastated this week by floods.

More than 40,000 homes were reported damaged in Louisiana after massive rains led to flooding. Thousands of residents had to be evacuated and many remain in shelters. Thirteen people died as a result of the floods.

Although Trump sought to make his visit without an entourage of media representatives, the media descended upon every place Trump stopped to find out what Louisiana residents thought about Trump.

Jeff Nolan, who was interviewed by ABC News, tearfully choked up as he spoke about Trump.


“Let’s see,” he said. “I didn’t lose anything compared to what a lot of people lost. I’m OK. It’s materialistic things. They can be replaced.”

“And having Trump here, that meant a lot to you?” ABC reporter Tom Llamas asked.

“Oh yes, yes,” he responded. “Because, hell, America’s gotta wake up! Donald Trump’s the way to wake us up. He’s waking America up, he’s gotta get busy. America’s got to get behind him.”

“Without America getting behind Donald Trump, we’re going to lose and lose bigger than this flood,” Nolan added. “So, America’s gotta wake up.”

At the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church in a hard-hit area of East Baton Rouge Parish, Kellie Michelli, who lost her home in the flood, said it did not matter if Trump donated to relief efforts, so long as he showed up.

“He took time out of his busy schedule to come here,” Michelli said. “I don’t care if he gives a nickel, he showed he cared by coming here.”

Others echoed her feelings as Trump and running mate Mike Pence visited with volunteers.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Trump,” one woman screamed out.

“We knew you would be here for us!” another person yelled.

President Barack Obama, whose presence in Louisiana has been called for by a Baton Rouge newspaper, is currently vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard and was scheduled to go golfing on Friday.

Victims of the flood “need a lot of help,” Trump said Friday. “What’s happened here is incredible. Nobody understands how bad it is, it’s really incredible. So I’m just here to help.”

Need I say MORE!!!

Some people will never support Trump & Pence as they do not respect OUR Constitution nor Our Freedoms that they enjoy today

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