Thursday, August 25, 2016

Political Correctness :

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Students Fight Back Against Political Correctness
In both the United States and the United Kingdom, conservative and libertarian viewpoints have endured censorship on the Internet and on college campuses.

This has given rise to a new generation of animated and impassioned students keen on partaking in what’s been aptly described as the “cultural libertarian” movement.

Young millennials engaged in this movement come from a variety of backgrounds but are able to unite based on a fervent disdain for those that believe there are boundaries to what’s deemed “acceptable” speech - a hatred of authority; and a love of freedom and mischief.

As a conservative writer and student at King’s College London, I have been actively campaigning against political correctness.

I was recently temporarily suspended from Facebook for announcing a series of speeches I wanted to give at universities in London questioning the place of Islam in the modern world.

I believe social media companies like Twitter and Facebook actively seek to censor those who talk about the link between Islam and the behavior of jihadists, those who want to put a halt to immigration and those who criticize the Black Lives Matter and feminist movements.

The victims of their failure to entertain nuance are solely of one political persuasion. My public support of Donald Trump at college was an exercise in differentiating between those who cared about freedom of expression and those who were willing to discard it in favor of a feeling-based approach to learning.

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