Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I hope the Republican Party is proud of themselves

Well, I hope the Republican Party is proud of themselves The people aren't paying attention are they? 
 by-Chappy Gypsy Robert

Today we see a big list of Republicans who came out and declared they will not endorse Trump. Did you pay attention to that list? I mean really pay attention to it. These are the very same people who are in charge of protecting the Elite Establishment. The very same people who everyone of us have been trying to get out of power and the Republican Party is disintegrating right before our very eyes. We the Conservatives have been battling these very elite for a long time and now that we have the chance to put them out of power, We cave to that very establishment. 

There is a reason these Elite don't want anything to do with Trump, They know without a doubt he will do what Kennedy tried to do so many years ago. He is exposing them and they know it. But, and I mean But, what do we the people do. We decide we don't like the very man who is taking the Elite on in their own back yard. 

We have claimed for years we needed a man in office who couldn't be bought and now that we have one, we run like hell from him. 

Have we lost our minds, We have asked for years for a straight shooter, a man who couldn't be bought, a man who spoke his mind, a man who knows how to run a business, a man who could and would turn back all these government agencies, a man who would protect our borders and now that we have one, you come up with excuses on why we can't vote for such a man. 

We cave and give in to the established Elites once again. You know the alternative and you're willing to allow Hillary Clinton to get into office. You're willing to destroy what's left of our Constitution and make no bones about it, that's their end goal. 

Hillary has told you flat out she intends on destroying what's left of our Constitution and promote a more global government. Trump is trying to reel in our government and put a stop to the Global Elite and we as a Party are willing to let it happen. 

Trump has told you he intends on reeling in the global trade agreements and bring back our jobs which have migrated overseas and to Mexico, But when we finally get a candidate who is, and can bring back our economy, what do we do? I blame the Stupidity of the American People. 

Surely you have to know that there is a reason all the Global Elites are against this man.

Surely you have to know there is a reason the Global Elites fear this man.

We have been blinded and seem to have lost all our common sense. 

I just don't know anymore.

This is definitely an insane world and Hillary Clinton will finish off what Obama started. Global 2030 is real and it's Hillary's job to insure they finish off their plans. But you guys go ahead, let it happen.

However, don't hide behind me when the S.H.T.F.

I will not be there to protect you for bringing this on yourselves. We have truly lost our nation and the One World Global Elites are winning this one. The Scriptures did predict this would happen and we as a nation are allowing it to move forward. We have turned from God and God has turned his back on us as a nation.

"We were all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." Ben Franklin.

The Hill compiled a list of almost 100 Republicans who currently say they won’t back Trump as the nominee:>>>The Hill 

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