Monday, August 29, 2016


I have been Gruberized yet again. My name is Daveda Gruber and my name makes people wonder. I am not related to Jonathon Gruber, the man who said Americans were stupid. I have written what his name did to me, in the past, but it seems his name has come up again in the media. It appears that sixteen out of twenty-tree approved healthcare cooperatives have announced they were closing up by this year's end. That will be further reducing competition.

MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect who famously claimed the American people were too stupid to be told the truth about the ill-starred law prior to its passage, wrote in Politico recently “the fear of ‘death spirals’ from rapidly rising premiums is greatly exaggerated when the vast majority of exchange enrollees are subsidized, meaning they don’t pay those higher premiums.”

Many mainstream media outlets, just as they did in 2009 and 2010 when Gruber touted the supposed benefits of Obamacare, are repeating Gruber’s talking point.

In Indiana, where Indianapolis-based Insurance giant Anthem wants to raise Obamacare premiums by as much as 36 percent, Rep. Todd Young, the Republican candidate for Indiana’s open seat, is already making the rate hikes an issue against former Sen. Evan Bayh his Democratic challenger. Bayh voted for Obamacare but didn’t run for reelection in 2010.

“This is sort of the first chance that voters have had to hold [Bayh] accountable for all the negative effects,” said Young’s campaign manager Trevor Foughty. “He’s never faced the voters on this issue.”

Bayh acknowledged in a recent interview with POLITICO that the law needs to be improved, but cited its ban on denying coverage to sick individuals and the expansion of Medicaid as major improvements that would hurt Indiana residents if overturned. In particular, Bayh pointed to the experience of his wife, Susan, who recently had successful brain surgery that would have cost $90,000 without insurance, as evidence of the need for the law.

“If a family without insurance had gotten that bill? They’d be bankrupted,” Bayh said in Indianapolis. “Lose their home, lose their car, lose their life savings. We can’t go back to those days.”

“People who are feeling it in their pocketbooks are going to be very unhappy about [rate hikes],” said Brian Walsh, a former communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “You would expect to see this will be part of the campaign messaging for House and Senate Republicans. If it hasn’t started, it will be coming.”

While Donald Trump often cites eye-popping rate hikes as proof the health care law is a “disaster,” rate hikes haven’t yet emerged as a major campaign issue in most Senate races — although several Republicans said they plan to spotlight the issue in the fall.


I am a published author. I am on Facebook and many other sites. My name can be searched for on the Internet easily, so, my name gets around even on the same page as Jonathan Gruber. Oh boy, here we go again. Here come the questions, "Are you related to Jonathan Gruber?"

"Do you think Americans are stupid?"

"Are you related to that nasty man who thinks we're stupid?"

Please, I am NOT related to Jonathan Gruber but I have been Gruberized!

 Daveda Gruber

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