Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND: Can You Be A Democrat And Call Yourself Christian ?

I wrote this note years ago and I would like to share it and expand it! It needs to include any member of the military, first responders, veterans, law enforcement. The democratic party is not what it used to be it is a party of radicals, a union of pro muslim, anti American values. As seen by the DNC of 2012 and of 2016 it is a "party" of Anti God, Pro Allah, U.S. Flag burning, illegal, moral less, godless, corrupt, spineless, baby murdering, anti american, anti Christian, anti Semitic, black lives matter only people. The choice is simple. Vote them out!

by Richard Paris



Simple answer, " YOU CAN'T!"
Let's look at the modern "democratic" party as of 2015 and what they stand for.1: First and foremost they are 100% anti God!

2: They are Anti life and protection of unborn and think it is fine to terminate a baby in the uterus up until birth!

3: They are anti Military, anti Police and anti first responders

4: They are racist and race baiters, ie, obama, holder, jarett, sharpton, jackson, ellison, cummings,

5: They exploit and demean woman

6: They think if you disagree with them, you are a idiot, racist, you should be shut down and made to shut up.

7: They think the first amendment only applies to them

8: They are about total disobeying the rule of Law starting with the Constitution

9: They are jealous, coveting leeches. They think that there money belongs to them and that your money and hard work rewards belong to them

10: They are all about the "Nanny State" and that we are incapable of caring and deciding for ourselves!

11: They are aligned with moslems, are as I said in 1, Totally Anti God, Anti Christian, Anti Semitic ( Jewish ), Anti Israel and want all forms of any true religion destroyed!

12: They spend other people and other countries money like no tomorrow! obama now has us looking at a potential 22 Trillion dollar debt with almost 100 Trillion in unsecured debt. People that number look like this $100,000,000,000,000.00. Just think what would happen to you and your household if you ran it into the negative, you would be bankrupt!

13: They are letting illegal's flood into this country and many, a majority are criminals associated with drug cartels, gangs and terrorists!

14: They think we should pay for all woman's birth control, weather we are against it morally, on religious basis. Whatever happened to taking you own personal responsibility!

15: They disrespect the flag but yet cry for protection under the constitution.

16: They are ignorant and arrogant, trying to dumb us down with Common Core.

17: The unions and other special interest groups like moslems own this group of sheep

18: They can't govern, they just blame. For instance, it has sadly been almost 7 years since obama took office and name 1 good thing he has done> Come on, I'm waiting! Tic Toc. Seemingly ever city they control or state is near bankruptcy and cities like Detroit or Baltimore are just havens for thugs, racism, drugs, corruption, single parent households and most parents are children themselves!

19: They are the new slave masters. You thought slavery was abolished in this country, wrong, the democrats-progressives are the tarry masters.

20: They are responsible for the murders of Brian Terry-Border Agent, the Benghazi four, and how many others, it sickens me to even think about this.

21: They willfully loot, steal, leech, cry for more money while contributing absolutely nothing to the society or the country.

22: They would throw out of their party people like JFK for wanting their membership to contribute.

23: They sponsor anarchy such as Occupy Wall Street, and the rioters in Maryland and Baltimore

24: They want Pot legalized, illegal's to get a amnesty, and people to receive welfare for doing nothing!. They want to give housing, food, medical subsidies to illegal's while letting citizens suffer such as our veterans.

25: They don't want voter I.D. so they can stack the illegal voters to vote.

26: They embrace hiring murderers like Bill Ayers and racist Saida Grundy for university professorship. Do you want your children being taught by them, I don't

27: They deal with evil, like obama dealing with Iran and throwing our true friends under the bus. This "treaty" will guarantee Iran a nuke!

28: They are anti 2nd Amendment as well. Studies have proven that everywhere with strict gun control the crime rate rises as the criminals have guns but the citizenry doesn't!

29: They are about total blame and lying. Look at the recent events in Maryland, NYC, Baltimore. They use a situation, they lie about it, and never apologize for the lies. They just spin it.

30: There focus on Black Lives Matter" a complete falsehood, the rainbow pride crap, it's all a diversion to the destruction of the U.S. and how the democrats are destroying the economy.

31: They blame the rich and want to tax them more but 50% of the people in this country don't pay a penny in taxes. They are also using envy to stir up the ignorant masses.

I could go on and on and probably will edit and add to this list, but the "democratic party" is nothing more than a bunch of ignorant, arrogant, racists, socialists, progressives, communists, anti God, Anti Christian, Anti Semitic - Jewish, Anti Hindu, Anti Buddhists, communists, anarchists, occupy wall streeters, murderers of the unborn, marxists, Anti American values, Anti Constitution, Anti Free Speech for their opposition, no spending limits, removal of all historical monuments, anti work. Democrats are basically lazy, envious, coveters.

Friends it's up to us to take this country back, and we must Fight and Unite, No Surrender and Never Again should we allow these atrocities to continue.

Please like and share if you agree with me and also, feel free to suggest edits to this note about the 2015 democratic party. Just remember the moslem at the DNC 2012 Convention standing up and saying no to God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. here's the 

Richard Paris 

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