Sunday, July 17, 2016


People are now asking, who is Pence? The 'Hoosier State' knows darn well who this man is. Indiana has a lower unemployment rate than other states. Pence made that possible. As governor of Indiana, Pence is widely respected, as is his family.

Trump thought out his Vice Presidential choice well. The two men do not agree on everything but show Trump's willingness to listen and agree to disagree. This is a commonsense decision.

We have been recently disturbed by the police killings in Dallas and now Baton Rouge. Then there are terror attacks Paris and Nice, not to mention previous massacres. It is time to rid this country of the same old, same old. Obama has not made the right executive decisions in the war on terror and Hillary has been with him on the greater part of his deciding maneuvers. We need new blood in our government. 

The failed Coup D'état in Turkey should wake us up to the fact that citizens and military alike are sick of the Islamification of countries. America would be headed in the same direction under a Clinton administration. This must be avoided at all costs.

I am going to be watching the Republican National Convention very closely. I am ready for much elation with Trump and his Vice presidential pick Pence. Unfortunately, I'm also ready for protesting on the streets. Our current government has created much tension between people in this country. All was quiet and the violence was muted until this administration took over.

Trump will be a great President of The United States. I feel we need him more than ever.

 Daveda Gruber

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