Saturday, July 2, 2016


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Do we have control of OUR land? Do we know what that means? Do we have ANY limit on the "powers" of the federal government or do we live in an Oligarchy? You decide.


Food for thought 
From the Diary of William Sharpe

Good morning folks,

To My Christian and my constitutional friends. Have you ever noticed when God picks someone to share his message, or to do whatever it is they are tasked to do, the miharpession is beyond impossible, but somehow with God's guidance and help no matter how impossible the task or the mission is, that person prevails against astronomical odds ! the holy Bible is full of stories,from David and Goliath, to Noah, to Moses, they never fail their mission !

 God never picks a king who is in power to spread his word, God always find someone, a commoner one of the people, and makes that person a leader, that surpasses all the fake and fraud leaders in the entire world, to rewrite man;s history, and to put in place God's plans, and any and all who stand in the way of God's plans, falls by the wayside no matter how powerful they may seem to be, no matter how rich they may be, God has been fighting evil way longer than anyone in the human race can even imagine !!! and has never lost ! 

Bill Sharpe

Good morning folks,

All of this criminal activity by the president and the Clinton administration, in conjunction with the Democratic Communist Party ! do you realize that there are thousands of people in the shadows playing coverup and assassinating anyone who threatens to stop or expose this destruction of the United States of America, and they all work in the government, in all branches of law enforcement, and the military ! 

From the Congress to the Senate, to the Supreme Court, our entire government is infected by evil people, hell-bent on destroying the Constitution of the United States of America, and everything that it stands for ! Every person who works for the American Bar Association,and is connected with the American Bar Association is involved, so when war comes nowhere to look for your enemies, and the enemies of your freedoms and liberties !!! 

Bill Sharpe

TO whom this may concern,
 7/1/2016 I William Sharpe,

Acknowledged that this United States government being run and operating under the control of the Democratic Communist Party, and known as the Obama administration are relieved of duty And no longer represents or speaks on my behalf ! 

I am relieving president Obama his entire administration and staff , all members of the Communist Democratic Party, in the Senate, and in Congress from their roles and responsibilities for myself and any other American citizen who wishes to dismiss them from their role in any leadership position in United States of America. 

AS an American citizen I am ordering the CIA and the FBI to take these suspects into custody for formal charges of treason, and racketeering, of United States of America, and against the citizens of the United States of America, concerned American citizen. 


Letters From the Diary of William Sharpe

hello folks,

 I think the American people are more afraid of the federal government, the corrupt Communist Democratic Party, the international organized crime syndicate known as the American Bar Association, then they areof radical Islamic Muslims, because if the communist Democratic Party who are in control of the federal government, are more of a threat to the American citizens by taking away our freedoms our liberties, our constitutional rights, and especially the Second Amendment, the God given right to defend ourselves, the American people are more concerned about these things than they are about radical Islam, because the American people will stand up and kill and destroy anyone attacking this country, if given the chance !!!. there's more of a chance of an American citizen being killed by a member of the Communist Democratic Party and the federal government than by radical Islam, and is more probable that these alleged refugees are probably hired to be a United Nations security force to help overthrow this country !!!

The federal government is acting the same way that the neo-Nazis.did Prior to the second world war, in regards to gun confiscation and registration, I believe anyone who is a registered Republican, conservative, constitutionalist, and Christian, lives are in extreme danger from the federal government, and all people in these categories need to take whatever actions are necessary to protect,one's life liberty and freedoms.

WE the citizens of the United States of America are always saying these corrupt politicians, the corrupt treasonous president, the corrupt Congressman, the corrupt senators, and the corrupt judges, why doesn't someone in law enforcement, hold these people accountable and arrest them. what agency in law enforcement is responsible for holding these politicians accountable ? Well here is a big surprise for you, No one in law enforcement works for the citizens !!! Every law enforcement agency was created to control the citizens, the only entity that works for the people is supposed to be the Sheriff, because the Sheriff is an elected official by the people, All the rest of the law enforcement agencies work for the American Bar Association, to help create crime to keep these attorneys and every one in law enforcement working, the citizens is the game, and I say that with the understanding that we are the wildlife, the farm animals that are being used by the political strategist to farm the citizens for their own financial gains !!. So the answer to your question is the people are responsible for arresting and holding these corrupt politicians accountable, IS WE THE PEOPLE and that is the main reason for the push for Gun Control, and the Removal of Our Constitutional Rights, to remove any legitimate venue to hold these members of the organized crime syndicate running our country, and the world! 

Imagine this, the government comes out with a pill, and tells everybody that they have to eat this pill, but the members of the government and their families do not have to eat this pill ! and then everybody finds out that this pill is going to kill everyone who has eaten it, and causes a terrible death ! Well this is the equivalent of the political ideology that this president and his administration, his political party, and everyone that will not stand up against him is going to be subject to, because this ideology that this president is and has been implementing is going to kill or destroy every American and our families !!! this is the ideology of radical Islamic Muslims, and they are spreading it across the world like a cancer, or the black plague !!! It will not stop until the people wake up and start informing all of those who are a sleep, or have their heads in the sand, because it will take a majority of the American people, to stop this invasion by the evil and corrupt, vile people who are running this nation !!! this is the reason for the attack on the Constitution and our second amendment rights is To Take Our Abilities to defend our rights and to defend our nation, and to defend our lives, and to defend our laws! the people's laws ! IF this government or administration truly cared about the lives of Americans , they would do more to prevent the Holocaust taking place at Planned Parenthood, they would do more to stop the Holocaust of the illegal street drugs that are causing our children to die right here in America,but the political parties are the ones using this chemical warfare( drugs ) to reduce the population of the people !
Regarding my last post someone said they could not make you take a pill, you're right they would just inoculate your children, and make it a law that they have to be inoculate, under some scientific deception, would accomplish the same thing, especially if they sterilized your children, but no country or government would never do that, I'll wait a minute Nazi Germany tried that didn't they !!!

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