Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party - Review


I  sat glued to the screen and found myself listening to every word that history classes had forgotten to teach me. Dinesh D'Souza takes you on a political experience through this breath taking documentary film. Revealing the entire movie would not be right but here is my review. 
We do see that D'Souza was arrested and sentenced to jail for giving too much of a donation to a candidate who was running to replace former New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Given a glimpse of his time in jail, we see how he was mocked for his crime.   

The film shows that the first Party in power, the Democratic Party started the institution of slavery and had been very happy with owning slaves. Almost every early president owned slaves. The Democrat party was the party of being pro-owning slaves. President Andrew Jackson was one of the worst. He abused black people in extremely cruel ways. He raped young black women and had his slaves whipped for minor infractions to his rules.   

D'Souza shows that the Republican party (Whig Party) started in 1854 to fight the Kansas/Nebraska Act  which threatened to bring slavery into the territories. It also promoted vigorous modernization of the economy. Shown in the film is the Democratic representative Preston Brooks even attacking Republican Senator Charles Sumner with a cane in the Senate for disagreeing with them. Sumner was wounded badly.    

Dinesh makes it clear that in 1860, Republican Abraham Lincoln finally abolished slavery and was elected President. There is a touching moment in what D'Souza does with Lincoln's portrait in the Democratic Headquarters.   

A glimpse into the past shows that today's Democrats are doing what Hillary Clinton invented. Saul Alinsky made it clear that to own the people you must first get their confidence, but Hillary out did her teacher. She wrote in her college thesis, that was a tribute to her mentor Alinsky, that to own and rule the people you must do it from the inside out. You must get into the government and take it over. It becomes clear when you watch that this woman will destroy every freedom we have, if elected.

Told is also why Hillary married Bill and why she let Bill get away with his womanizing. Revealed is that as long as she could use Bill's smooth talking to get him into office, she would tolerate it. The thing that upset her was when he'd get caught. After all, the main goal was to infiltrate the government.
Every American should watch the documentary film before voting. Black Americans will be shocked at the party they have trusted for so long.
I will supply a link that shows the movie in entirety but even though it's free, you must supply a credit card to prove that you are an American wanting to watch it


I wish to convey a message to Donald J. Trump or any of his campaign people. 

Theaters can be rented in predominately Democratic areas of the country. Black sections would be good to do this as well as white. Basically poor areas where people do not have credit cards or have accessibility to the Internet. This movie should be shown free to the people. 

After seeing what this movie makes very clear, no one in their right mind will ever vote for a Democrat especially a Clinton.

I ask all good Americans to share this article and get it to the Trump Campaign.

  Daveda Gruber  

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