Thursday, June 30, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/30/16:New series Of American History Coming Soon

Your Daily Bread for Life.

I'm working on another series of Daily Bites of American history ,Raleigh's Heart Land. You will be shocked at how it is so similar in that era as it is today. The devil has no new tricks because he almost succeeds with his take over every try and gets closer every try. Thank God for Great men like Sir Walter Raleigh.

We have some today like him and perhaps if we succeed in saving America once more, hundreds of years later their name will go down in history as Sir Walter Raleigh. Render Tribute Due...honor to whom honor. Render Tribute Due Can you imagine how great it will be? We'll get to Heaven and there we will see...Moses who talked with the Lord face to face.

Never a prophet has stood in his place. Joshua who marched round the city so true...Just because that's what the Lord said to do. His only weapon was true faith and trust. Just for a glimpse of that man is a must! Daniel who slept with the lions one night...suffered no fear for he knew he was right. Daniel already had taken his stand. Now he would rest as the Lord did command.

There with his Sarah, will be Abraham. Father of nations. God called him His friend. Paul the Apostle was beaten and robbed but counted it joy to suffer for God. Think about Job with his patience of gold. What can I say when I enter that fold? Job, I will honor your name in my spite of the fact I complain lots of times.

Those I've forgotten in this world below...God has them written in Heaven, I know. What about David who went all alone...killing a giant with one little stone? Luther and Tyndale and Rogers and more...Bradford and Brewster now wait on that shore. Let us now Render the Tribute that's due...honor to honor with those who hold true. Adam and Eve, though they sold us to sin...Jesus our Lord has Redeemed us again.

Pearl L. Sturgis c2002 (please share?)

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