Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/29/16:What's on my mind?

Your Daily Bread for Life.

What's on my mind?

"Nobody Here but US Chickens! "

The wolf put on his doctor's cap and sharpened up his claws. Today we have the proven facts of his promoting cause. The object is the "Hen House" , the chickens and the eggs. So first on his agenda is the rooster's wings and legs. When they have no legs to stand and have no wings to fly The wolf computes his brilliant plan and promulgates the "LIE He spreads his propaganda news throughout the neighborhood till all the clean white chickens choose to call it brotherhood. 

The mother hens then leave the nest to do God's very will. The clean white chickens all confess it's prophecy fulfilled. The wolves control the switches to borrow, steal, or beg. The helpful little witches destroy all the eggs. They gather up the fragments with the mutilated parts, So the clean white chickens pray the Lord will bless their hearts. Just before the full devour the Big Bad Wolf decides to give them legislative power and feed them full with pride.

They legislate this firm decree to wring all critics necks. The Big Fat Hen says that would be "politically correct!" But once a lowly Shepherd Boy knew God was on the Throne. He killed a mighty giant with a tiny little stone. that same God still reigns today for body, heart and soul. The Big Bad wolves just run away when God is in control! They fear a child who trusts the One whose years shall never fail. To this day that's why these wolves still try to hide their trail!

analogy Of Poem 
The citizens of the United States of America have no representation in government, monopolies like the insurance industry the American Bar Association, and special interest groups are the ones who write our laws, and limit our freedoms and liberties eroding the citizens input in the government, basically making all citizens livestock and property of the federal government.

I propose writing a bill that gives the citizens direct input above and beyond any legislation that any political group politicians or legislators could shove down the throats of the American people, and stifle our liberties and freedoms. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence only gives the citizens two options in controlling to government, one is participating in the voting process which is seriously flawed, the other option is a revolution, which comes at extreme cost.

The politicians have perverse the laws to make them immune to prosecution, they have stacked the deck , with bureaucrats and judges, who serve their own best interest. If the American people do not fight and pass a law that empowers us to hold any employee of the federal government elected or appointed, then we are doomed as a nation, without consequences and teeth these politicians and political groups will continue to rape and pillage the citizens of the United States at will.

Our lives and our children and our grandchildren's lives are in our hands today, what we do today will determine what future they have, or may not have, everybody ask where are the leaders of today, you my friend are the leaders of today, This comment of Bill Sharpe's really fits my poem to sum the whole problem up in a nut shell.


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