Thursday, June 23, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/23/16: Republican Voter Wants ?

Your Daily Bread for Life.


by Jane Redmond

Something to think about. Trump wasn't my first choice. Just think though that no Republican nominee, whoever it is, can be what every Republican voter wants him or her to be, can speak specifically in line to what all Republican voters want to hear.

There are differences because every Republican voter is different with different priorities and goals for the party and the nation, and most importantly for what they, as individuals, want for their lives and America. Though we all call ourselves "Republicans," we still have our own views and place some things as more important than others. We're individuals, not pack animals following the leader. We're just not going to get the Superman president we dream of, wish for, hope for. 

That being said, each one must decide for themselves. 

After seven plus years of evil leaders who took over the democratic party and the nation, we know their "fruits" clearly. We see the destruction, the division, the decline, the change, the fundamental transformation all before us.

I can't go FORWARD with evil now in power any longer.... an established machine with the all the gears in place and power and influence, positions that have no "sheriffs" in town who now do whatever they desire without accountability or exposure or punishment. Given more time, our nation will become the "wild west" again, especially as they bring in all the "mercenaries" they tell you to tolerate to create utter chaos and mayhem. 

In the fires they plant and the destruction they build, they have us exterminate each other, hate each other, hurt each other, and topple all unity, all law, all what America was. Once we are destroyed, they can then REBUILD THE NATION to suit their desires and rule over who is left. America must be taken down and rebuilt to further the New World Order agenda. World-wide forces seek to not only dominate America, but the entire world. The infiltrators in the White House and throughout our government work to that end, by whatever means necessary to achieve it.

No, I've seen the beasts and I feel the burden. No, I'll shift my priorities so my country might be saved, that my child's future might be alright. With documented voter fraud, the votes of immigrants and enemies within, the fooled democratic voter.... I'll do all I can to help remove the beasts, the proven beasts of horror, with motivated goals against all of us they care nothing about. They are lost souls, darkened hearts, without conscience, and only see one thing: THEIR AGENDA, THEIR POWER, THEIR RULE. THEY ARE RABID IN THEIR MADNESS. 

No, I'll not throw out the baby with the bathwater. I'll support Trump because he is the nominee, and I pray the Republican party be held responsible and accountable under his leadership should he win. I pray he wins. 

We have to deal with the hand we have been dealt so that the boot of evil revolutionaries do not crush us and break our necks. No one will be perfect and meet all our priorities, but we sure know if proven, evil souls get more time and power over us, WE ALL LOSE, and could lose a lot, our entire nation, perhaps our own lives. 

Evil Souls

What's on my mind?

My poems are blocked so I can't share them anymore unless I type them in. However, they are all in my head and the only way to really block them is to shoot me or drive me crazy. Here's one I wrote for my Daddy in 1981 on Father's Day. He had died in February.

Daddy is Gone...

We used to go out walking across the meadows wide. the hours we'd spend talking and laughing side by side. He told me of his childhood, his mother and his dad. He let me share the memories. .. the good ones and the bad. He joked about the hardships the storms of life would reap. He taught the words of friendship to everyone he'd meet. When waking with each morning sun I'd always find him near. I never thought the time would come when he would not be here. I though that I could see him just any time I chose...And how it hurts to lose him...I'm sure, God only knows. But memories he left me to journey through this land...will last till I'm in Heaven with Daddy once again....

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