Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/01/16:Who's a Monkey?

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Who's a Monkey? (dedicated to the two atheists who accused me of living in a fairy land) The joke's on you. 

A tiny blob rose up one day. The water was just there... But not created! Oh! No Way! Just sprung up from nowhere! The blob began to grow an eye, some arms and legs and tail. After many years went by to dry land it did sail. The dry land emanated by water that was there, Which time evaporated to form dry land and air. The blob became a monkey. The monkey could be you! OH! Don't feel like a donkey, for really! It's not true. There is an explanation not near so weak and frail, But you must be some relation if you accept this tale! "In our Lord's Image," I'm afraid a monkey will not do! It's evolutionists that made a monkey out of you!

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