Monday, June 27, 2016


A new website has just caught my eye. It is uncensored and it is free of charge! 

One of my Facebook groups, which I administrate, had a link to it. Restoring America Together was the one where the post was made. I clicked and was very excited with what I saw. It is so nice to be on a site where you can post freely.  

Lately, many posts in my groups have been auto-reported by Facebook for no apparent reason that I can see. I have been administering groups on Facebook for many years and I see strange things happening. There really is censorship!

I have always administered 'conservative' groups. Now my main focus has turned to Trump supporting Groups and 'Pages'. 

The Trump Groups I administrate and have designed 'covers for include:

Restoring America Together

Liberty Rises

Americans for Trump ©

The American Trump Party ©

The Page I administer is:

The Honest Informer

The work I have and will continue to put into all I do, can at any time, be removed by Facebook. All my fellow administrators face the same consequences. The members who depend on us are getting angry when their posts are reported.
Many of my friends have chatted with me about looking for a site that doesn't censor or block conservative profiles. Well my friends, it seems I have stumbled upon one. We do have another or even alternate place to go.

I have posted in my Groups and Page and I will continue to post on other groups and Tweeted about this new site. I hope that many of you join me there.

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