Thursday, June 2, 2016


KEEP YOUR LAMPS FULL, CHRISTIANS. BE READY. Are you right with the Lord or the world? Does your light shine for God or men and women in the world? Have you changed what God says for what humans say? Do you dishonor God to appease humans? Is it more important not to offend humans but offend God, your Creator? The Almighty? The King of kings? The God of Heaven's Armies?

Was Christ's death for you, his substitution for you, not enough? HIS LIFE FOR YOUR LIFE? Are you storing up your treasures in heaven or on this fallen earth where all will never save you?

Does your church honor God over church leaders? Is God's Word held above the world in your church? Are you in church out of routine, going through the motions, want to see your friends there? Are you examining where your church is today? EXAMINING THE CHURCH MESSAGE TODAY WITH THE WORD OF GOD? Still on one strong foundation or on shifting sand? Do you see shifting sand yet remain in it? Do you put a church building, your church friends, your time there over choosing worship of the Lord over all? Does the Word of God reign in your church? If not, then God is no longer there. Your prayers are like the dew evaporating as the building you are in follows the world, not God. When you follow the word of men that contradicts the Word of God, then you worship your own idols, your own way, your own choices. God is no longer worshiped there.

You have A HOLY GOD. Do you think you can reject His Way and Truths and not be held accountable? You do know that Jesus is coming back.... at any moment. IS YOUR LAMP FILLED WITH OIL AND READY? ARE YOU READY?

Are you working for the Kingdom of God or the prince of this world? Are you sharing God's Word and warnings to a sinful race in the world? IS YOUR LIFE A LIVING EXAMPLE OF A CHILD OF GOD FOR ALL THOSE TO SEE or do you live a life that does not distinguish your faith from the world? Remember, unbelievers watch you, too. Why would they come to God and accept Jesus if they don't see your allegiance to who you say is first in your life? Why would they change their ways if they match yours ? What effort would be needed to be "Christian?"

Examine your soul now, today. Don't let the days keep following one another as the oil gets lower and lower in your lamp. Don't put off the most important priority for your life, now and for eternity.

With America falling more and more away from God and into blatant sin and calling it "good," NOW LIKE NO OTHER, YOU HAVE A GREAT CHOICE TO MAKE TODAY. The sinful boast and grow in their darkness. WHERE IS YOUR LIGHT? Under a bushel? Are you hiding your witness as a Christian today when the world needs to be called to the light of God?

Don't turn from your purpose on earth..... TO ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD, especially as America falls and is taking many from God.
WHERE IS YOUR ALLEGIANCE.... people, culture, society, government, church, or yourself....... OR IS GOD ABOVE THEM ALL? Your life will reveal your priorities..... AND GOD IS WELL AWARE OF YOUR HEART. Do you need to CHANGE AND MAKE REPENTANCE, REBUKE THE TRAPS OF SATAN AMONG YOU? Reject the ways of this world that lead you to destruction NOW AND FOR ETERNITY ??? You get to pick.... YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE THIS WORLD OR GOD. The firm and only foundation for your soul or the sinking sand in the pit of Satan's world now and the lake of fire he and his fallen will be cast into. THIS IS URGENT. You cannot serve two masters. Don't dismiss your need for God another day. GET READY FOR THE JUDGMENT of YOUR CHOICES NOW. ALL UP TO YOU.

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