Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Comparing Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump

An interesting observation, when you compare the two men, comes to light. Reagan and Trump were both mocked and not considered to be serious candidates. Reagan won the presidency and Trump is the presumptive GOP candidate.
Both men were television celebrities before running for office. They were also both Democrats before switching to be Republicans. 

Reagan and Trump used the slogan "Make America Great" on the campaign trail. That slogan seems to do well today as it did in Reagan's time. Unfortunately, they were both attacked by a protestor at the podium during a speech. Still coincidence?
To communicate with supporters, both used 'straight talk'. They both seem to have a knack for getting a message across to the common people. Reagan became the oldest president to become elected and Trump, if elected, would be the oldest president to be elected.

The list of similarities goes on. Both men were divorced. Reagan succeeded a Democrat president and so would Trump, if elected. 

Reagan was and Trump is pro-immigration but against illegal immigration. Reagan was and Trump is pro-second amendment and pro-tax reduction. The parallel does not stop here.

They were both considered not to be true conservatives by the establishment. Reagan increased GOP voter turnout and became an Icon and beloved President. Trump has increased GOP voter turnout significantly, from the last two elections, and can potentially become a Republican Party Icon and beloved President.

Look closely at these facts and think about them. The people had spoken and got Reagan and the people have spoken once more. Now 'we the people' want Trump! If you loved Reagan, you're going to love Trump!

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