Saturday, May 7, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...5/08/16:Mother's Day Edition

Your Daily Bread for Life.


Dear Mom, We miss you ...And you always knew the right thing to say ,When We Needed it, Love You Mom !


She Prays Like an Angel.
 In honor of our Mother Clara s. Cole Comer 12/15/1910 to 11/23/2004 

In 1999 Dr. Dooley ordered Mother under 24 hour care as she had developed osteoarthritis and had a bad heart physically (actually she had a heart of gold) . Our parents knew that children are an heritage of the Lord. Daddy always said he hoped for an even dozen but had to settle for one less. mother wrote everyone’s name in the Family Bible in order of the year they were born, including marriages, sons and daughters in law, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren.

Mother was still living in the year 2000 when my oldest sister Lorraine died. during that time my sisters and I took turns spending the night with her for she was very ill. We slept in the guest room and had a monitor hooked from Mother’s room in case she needed help in the night. That way we all heard Mother’s Prayers. I know her prayers were private and she didn’t know we heard them but the Lord allowed us to hear.

Mother’s prayers always started out the same way. “Dear Lord, please take care of my children. Up until the time Lorraine died Mother would start with the oldest child to the youngest and name certain problems going on in our lives. After Lorraine died she started her prayers like this: “Thank you Lord, I don’t need to pray for Lorraine now for I know she’s made it safe with you.

Then she would continue with her prayers from oldest child to youngest. On down the line, (I am #6) I would listen for my name. Then one night she was having trouble remembering all the names. Tears were flowing down my cheeks as I listened to this prayer: “Dear Lord, I don’t remember all their names but you know them and you know I love them. Please don’t let me be in Heaven with one of my children missing.”

She Prays Like an Angel:

My Mother prays like an angel at night. She prays for the Lord to make everything right. She prays for her children. She asks God to Bless. She thanks Him for loved ones who’ve gone on to rest. She mentions she’s thankful to Him...because she’s in Heaven and living with them. With her Mom and Pop and with Daddy, that is. ...with Karen, with Mike and where sweet Tommy lives. And then what she mentioned brought tears down my face. She prayed for each loved one her memory erased. she knew there were names that she could not recall. She asked God to Bless and remember them that when in Heaven with family and friends...may none of her loved ones be missing...... AMEN!”

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