Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Crazy Old Coot                                                           Criminal & Liar   

Why is Hillary Clinton a Socialist? Is it the same reason Bernie is a Socialist? 

Crazy Old Coot Bernie

No... it's not. Bernie is a Socialist  because he's a crazy old coot that has delusions of a perfect society. Hillary is a Socialist because Socialism centralizes power in a central government. One that she wants to be at the top of. She wants to control dictate to us. She wants to self-righteously mandate that we obey her standard.. that we accept her morality.. and that we bow down do her.

Some are saying... Trump will be just like Hillary.. no difference. I'm sorry.. but that's about as wrong as it can be and about as dangerous an argument as can be. Hillary is a criminal power profiteer. She is connected to a fabric of criminal conspiracy on a global scale. Her foundation is a front for the New World Order. She has been making deals with tyrants for generations. There is no comparison between Trump and Hillary or what each will mean to America. Hillary Clinton will kill America. I'm not saying Trump will save America.. I've been clear on that.. that's not possible and if it were I'd be wasting my time with this organization. But Trump is not Hillary and a vote for anyone but Trump.. .and/or staying home in November... is tantamount to tearing up the Constitution.


 And what is the answer to that my Fellow Americans ?

 It is for us to unite and realize that we the People are the only agency that can save America. We only do that when we are united and organized and focused on a plan. That plan is not for a President to save America because he can't. The whole system has to change... it has to be restored to a Constitutional model where the States are sovereign. We have to do it because no one else can. I've been beating this drum consistently a long time and I'll keep beating until people start seeing it is the only way. We have to take control of local governments.. stop what is being taught in our schools... change what is happening in our City Councils... move the agenda to the Right.. boycott the MSM... become aggressive in the fight for our country!! People have to get off their butts and out into the streets and meeting halls. YOU have to do it Folks... and encourage everyone you know to stop yapping on FB endlessly and start burning that time being a patriot. We elect Trump because he's not Clinton. It buys us time if nothing more. But it may be that he actually will do something right.

I heard this evening that there are 4 pieces that are on the top of his agenda. They are:
1. building a wall
2. ending Obamacare
3. opening up oil and nat res. dev.
4. He promised to pick originalist Constitutional judges for the Supreme Court replacements.

Fed Gov to be put back in its box

If he does those 4 things... that will be good for America. But the ultimate change that has to happen is for the Fed Gov to be put back in its box. It has a limited job to do... protect our borders.. deal with foreign affairs... and regulate interstate commerce. That's it.. no welfare... no tax favoritism... none of the crap it has made it's preoccupation. That all goes back to the States. Only we can make that happen and only if we are seriously dedicated to devoting our tear, sweat, and blood to making it happen. Our fathers stood up when they were called. Now it's our turn.

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