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Trumpeter’s and Tea Party; OUST Paul Ryan by Supporting Paul Neh

Good guy versus Bad guy
Paul Nehlen                                                               Paul Ryan

The pundits and nay-sayer’s all said it could not be done. The original odds in Las Vegas were 5000-1 against Donald Trump winning the nomination for the Republican Party. They were all wrong!

You the American patriot who was and is “sick and tired” of business-as-usual, cronyism, corruption, capitulation to the big spending Democrats and Socialist have spoken. I don’t know that you fully realize what you have done here. You took a businessman candidate with zero political savvy or experience and at the grassroots level, now have him poised to claim the most powerful seat on planet earth. You managed to take out arguably the most powerful political machine in the Republican Party (that being the Bush dynasty) and you wasted successful Governor after successful Governor.

In doing so, you have once again proven to all of the world, the power of the Tea Party, the power of the grassroots organizations in our land, and when the American people have had enough, we rise up and clean house in Washington, D. C..

However patriots; the job is not finished.

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Besides Barack Obama, the new nemesis on Capitol Hill is without question Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan became widely known in the past election when he ran with Mitt Romney for the Vice Presidency on the 2012 ticket. At that time, Ryan was touted as a fiscal conservative, devoted family man and pretty much the “All-American Boy” as Romney’s running mate.

Three (3) years later, he used that reputation as a financial wonk and “awe-shucked” his way into the Speaker position when the gang of 42 (Tea Party Congressmen) didn’t like the proposed candidate for the position after the much despised John Boehner stepped aside.

Things were looking pretty good for about 2 weeks with Ryan as Speaker until he started rubber stamping anything and everything that Barack Obama wanted. The final nail in Ryan’s political coffin (for me personally) came when he rubber stamped Obama’s $1 Trillion Omnibus bill. The only thing worse for America in recent memory was Obama’s deal with Iran. That is how bad this Omnibus spending bill is. I thought Paul Ryan was on our side, but once again a “once good guy” has apparently drunk too much of the Potomac Kool-Aid and has become just another lying sleazy politician.

This is when I called for the ouster of Speaker Paul Ryan. I knew we could not get rid of him if he remained a Congressman. The Speakers position is just too powerful and they are virtually impossible to get rid of once their in the seat and holding the gavel. With that said, I then called for someone to primary the Speaker in his home district of the Wisconsin 1st. I wrote an article that was picked up by the Washington Times and many more publications and called on the Wisconsin Tea Party’s to find a successful businessman or State Senator which was highly respected that the grassroots could get behind and defeat Ryan in the primary.


Paul Nehlen

Meet Paul Nehlen! This is pretty much for the rest of the nation as Paul Nehlen is already well known in the 1st District of Wisconsin.

I have read his website, talked with his campaign manager (who is another Tea Party founding member) and Mr. Nehlen is straight down the line conservative. He wants border security (he would prefer a wall if we can afford it or make Mexico pay for it), he wants strong immigration enforcement, he wants our trade deals restructured to benefit America and he despises Obamacare. Sounds a lot like Donald Trump doesn’t he?

O.K. Patriots; we did it before with Trump, now it is time to replace the Speaker of the House. Read this fellow’s website HERE! If you like him, then support him with a donation to his campaign. It is going to take a ton of money to oust Paul Ryan. The last account I had (and that has been months ago) Ryan already had well in excess of $3,000,000 in his war-chest.

Paul Nehlen will need that or more to take out Ryan. Now is our chance to send a very loud and resounding message to Capitol Hill.

We are tired of the corruption! We are tired of the wasteful spending! We are tired of bending over to Democrats and we are tired of being the world’s dumping ground for the citizens you no longer want. Get rid of Paul Ryan and believe me, Washington will now be very, very afraid of us.

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