Saturday, May 28, 2016


So now transgenders, or pretenders, (who knows which is which, right?) are going into women's shelters and creating problems there, ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN ABUSED BY MEN. GET IT AMERICA????? GET IT????? EVIL IS STEALING MINDS AND HEARTS TODAY CALLING BAD "GOOD." And in these choices, MANY MORE ARE BEING HURT, ABUSED.

Once you let choices go forward that allow some to be in harms way, that choice trickles into every crack to dominate all. That is how evil works. It is never satisfied. It will never rest until it consumes all in its path of destruction. God set His Word firmly against these sexual behaviors, even details of men not to wear women's clothes.
Satan, given a small crack in the door, will always tear the whole door down and use his taken minds and hearts to destroy the WHOLE FAMILY OF GOD.

God has His reasons for the parameters of relationships among His children. Changing those means offending God and placing human changers over Him. Hurt and harm are the result when God's way and His truths are rejected so that we don't "offend" those going against what God says is wrong or right. Then you place the word of men and women over God's Word. Hurt always follows that choice, either for yourself or for others. Always. We must not deny God's truths, especially when our voices can influence the choices of God's children. The Word speaks of those in positions of influence over others and the woe they will fill for themselves and their eternal destiny. This includes leaders of the church, the government, the schools/colleges/universities, media, and any soap box that "teaches" or reports to masses of people.

THESE ARE GOD'S TRUTHS. Your responses are for Him. Your accountability is TO HIM. There is no hiding, no covering, no excuses, no self-will that will stand against God.

Sharing God's Word in true Christian love is what Christian brothers and sisters are told to do... to warn for them in love, as so many are compromising with the world and ignoring the unchanging Word of God.

Take note of the emotional responses this brings to you for it will reveal who has your heart and mind.... Satan or God, if you are filled with the Holy Spirit or the spirit of darkness and prince of this earth. THIS IS WHY GOD TELLS YOU TO GUARD THEM ALWAYS.

May God's Holy Spirit fill you with God's truths and direct your path into following Christ alone. Let not your heart and mind be enslaved to going against God's Word for Satan will take you deeper and deeper into his darkness where conscience and discernment no longer exists. MAY GOD FILL YOU WITH HIS LIGHT, EXPOSE WHERE EXAMINATIONS OF SELF AND CHOICES SHOULD BE EXPLORED, AND MAY YOU TRULY EXAMINE YOUR CHOICES TODAY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE .... our Jesus is returning. Waste not another day in preparing your life for your eternal destiny claimed in front of the Throne where nothing is hidden. God loves you. God declares to warn others when they seek a way other than God's Word... the unchanging Word of the God of Heaven's Armies, the Everlasting God. SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

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