Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Horses Asses Of Washington DC...

Michael Hutton 
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These horses asses that pretend to represent us are powerless because they bow down to political correct god. What they need to do is stand up and speak the plain truth. Who in the hell do these presumptuous jackals imagine they are to tell people what to believe in America? They coin this as an issue of human rights but really its nothing less than forcing a moral perspective on people... IT IS DEMANDING TO ACCEPT SOMEONE ELSE'S POINT OF VIEW ON A MATTER THAT IS NOT FUNDAMENTAL TO HUMAN NATURE! 

That is the fact of it. Until 30 years ago..or so... the American Psychiatric Association defined transgender behavior and mental illness. 30 years later we have people that want to force aberrant behavior on us as normal because THEY think it is! And the American response is to look them square in the eye and tell them what they're proposing is moral tyranny!! They have no scientific justification for the argument that any sexual behavior that is not between a man and a woman is anything more than social conditioning.

There is no genetic cause for it and no biological cause for it. And virtually all sound analysis says that sexual behavior is defined by early childhood experience. That means it's not necessarily 'natural' and it may be the consequence of problems related to child-rearing. Now.. if you have a gay son or daughter this is not condemnation or lack of sensitivity. 

It is an acknowledgement that when it comes to human beings there's no guidebook and what we do and how we act is not always best or healthy. We make mistakes with our kids... and they unfortunately pay the price. But making the societal response one that is forced by virtue of someone's point of view on the matter is not Liberty and its not Just. 

Obama is a ideologue that cares more about his own point of view than anything and is perfectly comfortable with shoving it down other people's throats.. like all these braying donkey liberals marching around acting like they have ownership on what is right and moral. 

They can all take their perspective and shove it...( Where The Sun Don't Shine ) because this is America and I can believe whatever the hell I want to believe and I believe letting men go into women's bathrooms is a big giant mistake. And if some man follows my daughter into a public restroom you can absolutely bet money on my reaction because it's not going to be to just let if fly.

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