Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Texas Leads The Way To Fighting Big Government

Mike Hutton's Letter Why I Love Texas. 

I love Texas and Texas is the greatest state in the union. Why? Because Texas and Texans remember what 'State Sovereignty' means... and we live it in large measure. The founders understood that a tiered government with the real power resting in the tier closest to the People was the way to keep the central power (the Fed Gov) in check. It wasn't enough to have 3 branches at each level to keep power distributed... they installed a tiered government.. a 'Republic of Sovereign States' because they knew that tyranny was inevitable. And the left the power in the States because they knew the People could stand against tyranny that way. That is why I founded this organization.

The States are the hedge against the Fed Gov because the Fed Gov has its authority from the People and the States. Only the States can keep the Fed Gov in check and if patriots want to see America restored they should care less about who is President than who is governor in their State. (we have a fine governor here in Texas, Greg Abbott who is a patriot and a defender of the Constitution and State's sovereignty).

 I am absolutely certain that every time Obama and the new AG (what's her name again?) hate it every time they hear the word 'Texas' for that reason. And they should.. because Texas is not going to bow and if they want a fight they'll get one in Texas. The plan of this organization calls for patriots to build strong conservative patriot unions in their States as the way to move the agenda in their State back to the Constitutional model... to assert sovereignty! 

That is how we stop the Fed Gov from controlling the narrative on the issues. 

That is how we stop the President from overreach in his authority.

And People.. that is even how we force the Supreme Court to revisit its rulings and restore American ideals. There is one way to save America... and it's not up to Trump.. and it's not up to Congress... it's up to you!

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