Thursday, April 21, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...4/21/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Susquehanna Hills by Pearl L. Sturgis

Today, April 19,2016 our Delta writing class went to Shanks Ferry in Lancaster County just across the Susquehanna river and walked along the hiking trails. What a beautiful day we had as we walked along the scenic path with the wildflowers in bloom and the creek babbling below at the bottom of the steep bank. Jackie, our guide, knew every name of every flower and every tree. I listened with ears wide open as she told us about the history as we approached the different areas. 

I learned about the Redbud Tree which I had always thought to be the wild cherry. Jackie told the ancient story of how Captain John Smith sailed down the Susquehanna and saw all the Red Bud Trees and thought they were peach blossoms and so he named this part of the country Peach Bottom because he had sailed to the bottom of the river. There is also an old story about how captain John Smith stepped on the stones in the river to reach the Susquehanna River banks where the Susquehannock Indians met with him.

That is how the Indian Steps Museum got its name. People come in the summer seasons from all around the country to visit the area, I was fascinated with the way the covered bridges were built with the huge stones. I couldn't help but imagine the people who built the bridges being there and how hard it must have been to build the bridges. We saw the trail where the Conestoga Wagons traveled to carry the ore they mined to cross the ferry and the train track where the train had exported the ore out (I’m wondering where to?) Once we stopped to look at the “humble plant” as Jackie called it, because you had to bend down to survey their tiny petals.

Right at that time is when Chris said so calmly, “Look at the pretty snake!” ….and off I went….Way up ahead! I sat down on the top rock at the bridge and waited for the gang to catch up with me. Jackie took pictures of us there and then we walked back and went to the historical Conestoga Restaurant for lunch and headed home. What a Blessing and a special day to remember.

Susquehanna Valley Home:

There's a place not far from Paradise, filled with meadows, woods and streams.,,where the Susquehanna River my heart and in my dreams. Lead me to the peaceful waters, still. Let me lie in pastures green. Somewhere in those Susquehanna Hills...keep me near those peaceful scenes. Leave my body when my soul is gone...somewhere in those hills close by. Near my Susquehanna Valley Home...leave my body there to lie. Let me stay and I'll be satisfied. Leave me never more to the Susquehanna Riverside...Susquehanna Valley Home. 

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