Saturday, April 9, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...4 /09/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
Mount Zion Report: volume 26 April 2016 pastor Randy Starr.

How do we handle anxiety in life? 

There is no doubt many of us are living with anxiety in our lives. Anxiety is giving our mind over to fret and worry. When a person allows these thought patterns into his life he magnifies the circumstances and problems to the point of being overwhelmed in his spirit. It leans to making our problems bigger than what they really are and thinking of God as smaller than what He really is.

 If anxiety is not dealt with Biblically in your life it will dominate your thoughts and feelings. In Psalm 143:4-10 the psalmist faced an overwhelming spirit but turned in the right direction. Toward the Lord... (unquote Pastor Starr)

 Do you Want to be Happy?

“You know the devil doesn’t like it to see a heart filled with joy! He’s always trying to change it. He’s got a plot to destroy! But in the light of God’s Kingdom He grants the power to see...and in the heart of His children...we choose the way it will be.

It’s not a matter of changing someone who’s spiteful and rude. It’s just the fact of arranging to fit your own attitude. So, if you want to be happy here is the thing you can do. Make somebody else happy and you will be happy too. Do you want to be happy or do you want to be blue?

Don’t you walk around frowning when it’s all up to you! In a smile that you’re a prayer that you can make your heart happy...if you only believe!

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