Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/19/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.

National Pro- Life Alliance. 5211 Port Royal Road, suite 500, Springfield. VA 22151 Letter of Reply:

Dear Ms. Sturgis,

Millions of Americans are strongly opposed to abortion on demand and want this holocaust to end. But you are someone special You not only care but you are doing something about it. On behalf of the Board of Directors and National Pro-life Alliance. as well as US Senators Rand Paul and Roger Wicker and myself, I want to thank you for your support. Your generous $5 contribution has already been put to good use fighting the abortion lobby and expanding our national campaign to force roll call votes and ultimately to enact our Life at conception” Act

As part of your National alliance Grassroots program I have authorized additional special mailings to pro life Americans to generate a tidal wave of petitions to congress demanding an end to Roe vs Wade and our barbarous policy of abortion on demand and expand our progress even further with planned production of placement of newspaper, radio, television and internet ads to be run in target areas. We have begun preparing additional hard hitting TV ads to be run in key states so that politicians who are wavering on the issue will feel the heat and come out solidly pro life. 

You see? Despite what you have heard in the pro abortion media we actually picked up support in congress for the Life at Conception Act to overturn Roe vs Wade. Now we are poised to recruit a record number of cosponsors, force roll call votes, hold the politicians accountable and ultimately pass a Life at Conception Act.” Unquote Martin Fox)

PL Sturgis:

 As you can see my small donation of $5 is an achievable amount for anyone. I challenge the grassRoots Patriots for this amount (more if God Blesses you more) and share this challenge.

 Pill of Death:
There is a pill that you can take...for you...but not your baby’s sake. If you choose to take this pill...your baby, you will surely kill. Will you submit? Just on small step. Are you for it? This pill of death? And shall our waters parted be...if human blood turn red our sea? The rulers sleep. They do not wake. The gates do burn. The walls do shake. If you have ears but do not hear...with no regrets and not one tear... You are for pain and death and strife! You’re not for truth! You’re not for Life! 

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