Sunday, April 17, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/17/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.

USO United Service Organization Honorable J.D. Crouch, CEO, PO Box 96860, Washington DC 20077-7677

200,000 Brave Americans are stationed overseas thousands of miles from home and family defending US and everything we hold dear. These troops are posted in Afghanistan, fighting Al Qaeda. the Taliban and Iraq. (and now Syria as well) Confronting ISIS in the horn of Africa suppressing terrorism and piracy...and elsewhere around the world wherever terrorist may pose a threat to our security. Meanwhile thousands of men and women who have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan may be facing a life irrevocably changed filled with numerous surgeries. 

Months or even years of hospitalization and hundreds of hours of counseling. In addition they must cope with invisible wounds such as post traumatic stress. Here in Pennsylvania the war and consequences are no longer topics in nightly newscasts. Send a message to the men and women who are serving overseas that they have not been forgotten. Help to show our troops how much America cares. (unquote J.D. Crouch)
PL Sturgis: Remember Bob Hope with USO?

We no longer hear about any support for our troops as we did when Bob Hope was supporting them. We sent very little but have always supported USO. The messages sometimes seem more important than the monetary gifts but every gift and every message matters.

I’m still living in 2001..when all this daily chaos first begun. When 19 muslims knocked our towers down and terrorists turned our country upside down. Everyday I share these Daily Bites and do my part to turn my Country right. I’ll not forget the heroes there who died. They gave their lives to save the folks inside. Every state united for New York when God and Country filled our hearts to work. The patriots stood and took a silent vow to stand alone and fight for freedom now! I’m still living in 2012 when demons must have broken loose from hell; Our government fed our brave Seals to the lions. Benghazi’s etched forever in our minds! So let’s unite and take our Daily Stand! A vote for God and Country is the plan! Think about New York and what’s been done! Let’s all be Living in 2001.

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