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We are the Family ofFriends Of Liberty ,Looking for a FEW GOOD MEN OR WOMEN 
We are in A war ,our soldiers are an army of Bloggers who want you to see and hear the truth .The media use to do the job and ask the Tough questions of our society and Government ,but the Edward R Murrow's ,Walter Cronkite's  of old are gone,they knew what truth and Freedom ,fascism were all about ,they also were in an World War to save our way of life . As it has been said "If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything" .

Pretty soon all the foreigners that are invading our country will stop, and the reason is that they're going to stop invading this country, is that there will be enough of them here to do what they're planning to do !!!,

A lot of people say There is going to be a war in this country, and a lot of people say well won't be a my lifetime !!!.

WELL Here's a newsflash, the war has already started in this country, you will not have any choice whether or not you want to be involved, and if you do not stand up And prepare yourself today, and if your children survive they will have to, so it is your responsibility to your children and your future generation, to get involved, get educated, and make a stand , because if you do not you may never ever get the opportunity to do this again !!!

Enlist in the fight for freedom and our constitution ,our way of life ,the American way . Come join our Group of Patriotic Bloggers, "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE"

Send me a short paragraph as to which Blog you would like to Blog for , and a Email address, preferably a G-mail one. Simply submit your request to :

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