Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Frank Ferrandiz 


Let's try and simplify this one more time anyone who supports Hillary Clinton has their hand in something dirty with and making millions of dollars off the sweat of children in other countries some sort of product line like Whoopi Goldberg who can't stand Trump and anybody who says that they want to move out of the country if Trump becomes president because they can move out of the country and there's no laws over there that they keep sending their product line to these sweat shops where they pay children a dollar a day and adults a dollar a day and no health insurance and no EPA where they can dump dangerous chemicals into the ground without having to worry about some Watchdog coming up and saying you can't do that because you're contaminating the ground and causing cancer in people.

So I say let them move out of the country let them get the hell out of here let's bring Donald Trump in his president let's bring our jobs back to the United States with the multi-billion is all making money with sweatshops will the American people can get paid $23 an hour and damn them for their super wealth with they have billions upon billions of dollars. I really how much money does one person need to live on the rest of their lives how many houses around the country you're around the world how many cars jets do they really need when is enough enough. 

If you vote for Hillary Clinton or Cruise or Rubio or Kasich it's going to be corrupt business as usual nothing will change more jobs with Hillary going to leave the country more people are going to lose their homes they're going to be no jobs in the United States for us to work and buy food and products and things of that nature. Another 8 years of this nonsense and there isn't going to be a United States it's going to be a poor country and everybody's going to look down on us we no longer become the World Police we now become the needy in what countries do you think that we gave money to when they had an earthquake or some disaster that they never paid us back do you think they're really going to pay and help the people of the United States.

So for those of you who hate Trump and want to vote for any one of the other candidates watch what happens in the next eight to 20 years watch how far we go down then look in the mirror and say how could have done this to my great-great grandchildren they have no country left. 

They are going to live in poverty and scrape the bottom of garbage cans for food. There will be no jobs in the United States you'll have to move out of the United States to get a job making $2 a day. so I say damn these millionaires and billionaires were making billions of dollars and shipping that product back into this country will we can't even afford to buy it look it caused in 1970 Claus one for $3,400 each you know how much it cost them to make a car and in the product it takes about maybe $1,500 to build a car and then they sell it to you double or triple the price. Look at today's cars that made of plastic 230 $40,000 and they don't last but maybe about 5 years that is big business trying to cut corners and squeeze every dollar out of every part that can be made in China cheaply so they can increase profit that is called greed. 

I want everyone in the United States the boycott anything made outside the country from your necklaces do your cars from your boiler system two utvs until things change and they bring back jobs to this country now. Right now we have a strike going on against one of the salt water cell phone companies that are moving their operations to the Philippines. 

Do you know why they're moving their product line to the Philippines so they can make the product cheaper ship it back into this country and increase profits all for the shareholders. Don't you people in the United States see what's happening don't you see where we're heading we're heading in the toilet the vortex is bringing all the crap down to the Cesspool and pretty soon the United States is going to be nothing but a cesspool. 

We need to stop it right now and take a stand against these greedy people who think that we're going to buy their products after we lose all our jobs. Your failure to stop this is putting your kids and your great grandkids and great great grand kids in jeopardy. What kind of Life are you leaving them or don't you give a damn?

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