Saturday, April 16, 2016

Something Really Stinks In This Election ...

Smells Bad On Both sides 

Do you want socialist Sanders or criminal Clinton to Win the Election? 

There Is No Leadership 

It sounds like a silly question for a Tea Party forum, doesn't it? Well, I might have been taking a break but I would still check in here and on FaceBook to see what was going on and I have to tell you there are a whole lot of conservatives who can not identify exactly who we are fighting.

I routinely see such bizarre statement as "I would never vote for"...Cruz or Trump....just pick one because supporters for both say the same thing. Really? You'll stay home and give either of the Communist/Progressive/Socialists the election? Would you be proud of yourself when you watched bizarre Bernie or hellish Hillary sworn in?

Do you not realize that we are WINNING? The Tea Party warned the GOP/Republicans for YEARS what would happen if they continued to marginalize their base...and they ignored us.

Give us the House, they said, and things would change. We did. NOTHING changed. Then it was, we need the Senate to really do anything. We gave them the Senate...and nothing changed. They lied to us and now they are facing their just retribution from the voters.
We have two outsider candidates in the top two....and the GOP/Republicans hate it. 

And, they hate you....their base, for making this happen. We removed Bush, we removed Graham, we removed Rubio...yes, they hate us. McConnell and Rove couldn't be more open about their distaste for you. They are the lapdogs of the Chamber of Commerce (seriously, should we boycott them? What are they good for? I sure do not know! Ideas for another post!?)

The Repubs WANT things to continue as usual in DC so they can continue to line their pockets and undermine conservatives. They want those borders open....much more about that in another post! They LIKE big government. They are invested in this failing system....and we are tossing a monkey wrench in their nice little plans.

The establishment Repubs want you to fight among yourselves and stay home on election day if 'your guy' doesn't get the nod. Seriously, if you do not vote....the establishment wins...the liberals win. Is that really what you want to see happen? You want the Commies and the establishment GOP to continue us down the path we are heading?

I gotta tell ya....we are on a bad pathway.( Big TimeDo you really want to go there? I do not. If you do not either, then stop the internal conservative civil war...the establishment and the Dems are probably laughing at the chaos they are causing. And, THEY ARE causing it. You know as well as I do that they are trying to protect their gravy train. Why in the world would you want to help them?

It is time for all good Tea Party conservatives to come together....again. Unite to fight the left and the establishment GOP. As I said before, we are WINNING! Why would we let them stop us now?

One final thought....I know that Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots endorsed Cruz and the media stated the Tea Party backed him. The media, as usual, gets it wrong. The only time the Tea Party speaks is in the voting booth or with their shoe leather on the ground for a candidate. 

There is not, nor has there ever been, an official spokesman for the Tea Party. YOU are the Tea Party and YOU speak for yourselves. You do not need anyone else to do it for you...and that, my friends, is the beauty of the Tea Party movement. It is you.

Feel free to give me all the grief that you want.....but, before you better identify in your post exactly who the real enemy of conservatism is because I want you to really think before you post and not just post one candidate's talking points. That does not fly here...I want you to THINK and think hard....conservatives are really good at it!!

And Don't forget to Vote in the up and coming Elections and make yourself heard ,Stand up for you rights . No One else will do it for you . 

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