Saturday, April 16, 2016

ObamaCare Full Of Holes...

Americans Find The Loophole To Get Around ObamaCare

Back in 2010, the Democrats who would not let their fellow congresscritters see the “Affordable” Care Act, known as “ObamaCare,” before it was passed thought they were so smart. Due to the stupidity of the American voter, the people were going to all end up enrolled in government approved health insurance programs that people with pre-existing conditions could enroll in, and all the healthy young people would pay for the sick older people….

The triumphant elite forgot one little thing. Despite Common Core, Americans still know how to do real, simple math, and the majority know how to budget on a limited income. (It’s called survival.)

The Affordable Care Act was, from the time we all got a good look at it, decidedly UNAFFORDABLE. So, the American people who needed health insurance started looking around for alternatives since the deductibles made the insurance itself unusable for many people. (The idea was to keep costs down. Well, not going to the doctor, and not using the insurance at all definitely keeps costs down.) For people who aren’t sick, paying the fine just made more sense, as it was cheaper in the long run.

As it happens, the policies that ObamaCare was designed to drum out of the market – short term policies renewable annually, and at any time with a cap on outlays, and not paying for a number of prescription drugs – are actually still available even if they are not ACA compliant. Not only are they still available, but even with the federal fine for not being ACA compliant, they are a heck of a lot cheaper than regular ACA policies that must be purchased during an open enrollment period. From the Wall Street Journal:

Robin Herman, the 34-year-old owner of a marketing firm in San Francisco, bought a short-term policy in December. The monthly cost of her short-term coverage, plus conventional ACA-compliant plans for her two children, is roughly one-quarter of what she would have paid for conventional health plans covering all three of them, she says.

“This is saving me a ton of money for the year,” she said, despite the penalty. Plans that comply with the health law’s rules cost more than her old pre-ACA policy and are “just not affordable,” she said.

Savings. The reason why Americans are turning to the old ways of buying health insurance is plain and simply to save money. ObamaCare otherwise would be bankrupting them.

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