Saturday, April 23, 2016


You know, we have the experience and history of deception in the takeover of Germany and death of so many. The events and words and posters and media corruption then is repeating in America today. Promises were hailed then as they are now when all about us the world crumbles.Too many Americans refuse to look at the reality of the destruction of America happening before them, continuing on in their daily rituals, distracted attentions, and frozen, stubborn mindsets. This also happened to many Jews under Hitler. They were mesmerized by his charisma, tickled by his promises, fooled by his schemes. The "one" who promised to give them what they wanted only tickled their pride and greed in self, and gave it all away to one man to control and do whatever HE really intended to do: destroy a nation and build his own. Those in America swooning over sunrises, charity races, recycling, Earth day, legalizing marijuana, gay marriage, and all the other issues and rote activities of everyday life, day after day, refusing to divert their attention to the raging fires behind the walls, are just like the Jews of Hitler's day.... going along day after day in their own, feel-good choices while the foundation for their very feet for the future is being stolen from them, from all of us.

READ below the message by Charles Swindal:

"For over an hour the other day I strolled down Nostalgia Lane with a September 4, 1939, copy of Time magazine. What a journey! Pickups sold for $465 and best-selling books cost $2. Big news in the music world was Bing Crosby, whose records sold for 35 cents a platter. What was most intriguing, however, was the international scene, as presented by the staff writers. The threat of war was a slumbering giant, and Adolf Hitler's name appeared on almost every page of the Foreign News section. President Franklin Roosevelt was busy calming the troubled waters of our nation's fear of war, speaking openly of his "lovely hope for peace." In spite of the Nazi war machine that had already consumed Italy, Sicily, Albania, and was primed to pounce on Poland, Hungary, Belgium, and France, the talk in America was amazingly casual—a smug, business-as-usual attitude.

How naive we were! Little did we know that within months the insane fuehrer would unleash a hellish nightmare from which we could not escape. Before his screams were silenced, acres of soil would be covered with small white crosses, and thousands of American homes would have their tranquil plans for peace invaded by the brutal enemy of grief.

Every so often when we enter such a relatively calm era, it is easy to forget the prophet's warning to beware of those who superficially heal the brokenness of a nation by announcing "peace, peace" when "there is no peace" (Jeremiah 6:14; 8:11). And if we feel sufficiently comfortable and relaxed, it's mighty easy to block from our minds the Savior's prediction of "wars and rumors of wars" and His warning that "many false prophets will arise and mislead many" (Matt. 24:6–7, 11).

Who knows? Fifty years from now another preacher could be leafing through a Time magazine yellow with age, feeling a nostalgic twinge and smiling at what we consider modern times. He will no doubt notice the business-as-usual look on our faces, only to be seized with the realization that we had no idea what a ragged edge we were living on in our relaxed American culture.

If indeed there is an America fifty years from now.

We need to be alert. Sometimes the best of times may be a breeding ground

for the worst of times."

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