Thursday, April 28, 2016


Be warned: Evil takes the word "religion" and changes its foundations and calls it "good." Beware the false religions that mask as "good." Satan salivates to take a "good-sounding" word, like "religion," and use it to destroy souls, not save them. Look at the  "fruits" produced in a religion.  ARE THEY OF GOD ? OR ARE THEY OF MAN? Are followers firm in the foundations of God's Word or do they CHANGE the Way and Truth of God's Word? Does a group under the banner "religion" follow a book for the good, love and respect of others? OR DOES THEIR "BOOK" CALL FOR HARM FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT BELONG TO THEIR "FLOCK?" If love is not the center of a religion, if the God of Heaven's Armies is not honored above all, if a religion creates death and harm to others.... then it is of Satan and for harm and destruction.

Beware the leaders in the world today, including many "religions," who claim goodness when their fruits prove their rottenness and deceitful ploys to trap souls into their ways and into their flocks. SATAN DEVOURS, and he uses his taken to trap more hearts and minds.

Today, many of America's government leaders claim to be Christians but do not hold up to their oaths of office TO GOD OR TO US TO PROTECT AND DEFEND US AND OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. They lie to God and to you. They call what is bad, "good." They call what is good, "bad." God tells you in His Word what they are like, how to recognize them..... what their "fruits" reveal.
HEED GOD'S LOVING WARNING FOR YOUR LIVES IN AMERICA NOW. You are free to accept God and Jesus as your Savior or free to follow the deceptive path of lies by his taken who only seek DESTRUCTION.

Don't underestimate the power of Satan over your heart and mind. He can blind and confuse and sway by powerful methods. Without God's Word FIRMLY set to combat the lies and the Holy Spirit in you, YOU CAN BE TRAPPED INTO THINKING SOMETHING IS GOOD AND RIGHT WHEN IT IS DEADLY TO YOUR SOUL, YOUR COUNTRY, YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE.

Continuing to support leaders who do not execute their oaths and commitment to citizens AND GOD, and still expecting them to "keep their words" now, is feeding a lying, deceptive beast with power ..... the result is devastating to our nation, our families, and ourselves. Trusting repeated CHANGERS and expecting good results is feeding the beast of your own destruction.
BE BOLD IN THE POWER OF CHRIST. STIFFEN YOUR NECK IN FAITH AND COURAGE AND DEFENSE OF THE ONE TRUE GOD. If we do not, Satan and his taken will gladly consume your soul from the neck up and the neck down. The spiritual battlefield is raging NOW. Choose your "side" very carefully. Do it now. There is only ONE FIRM FOUNDATION....GOD ALMIGHTY. All else is sinking sand. The great liar, Satan, wants your soul away from God. Choose now to stand firm with your Loving Father God today.

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