Sunday, April 17, 2016


There's only one solid foundation to stand on. The storms will come because we live in this fallen world.

The spiritual battle is always in play. Stay near to the Commander of Heaven and His Word, and if you have godly friends, spend time with them, share your thoughts, and pray for one another. When we choose to stand with God, Satan will always try to knock us down. Jesus told us that would happen. They hated Him, they will hate those who accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

America became lazy, spoiled, greedy, prideful and took God off the top shelf. When the "taken" among us began their attacks throughout our society and in our churches, the masses did not stand firm but compromised. Minds were hijacked with lies: no spanking children, their self-esteem most important, just use time-out..... lies of homosexuality being a medical condition instead of a choice to make like any sin, movies and music more violent and sex-filled and ungodly... the feminists movement lying to women that they must be in competition with their husbands and other men, that motherhood was lowly work, paving the path of separation of the family unit.....the lies of the "flower children" that peace comes with only doing what makes me happy and taking drugs makes me happy, and running around singing and dancing and smiling will make all right in the world.....(have a coke, teach the world to sing in perfect harmony) many other examples of pre-meditated attacks on a strong, godly America once united on the

Too many selected their own lifestyle choices of ease and satisfaction and put God in the closet, maybe bringing him out on an occasional Sunday or when some major trial happened in their life. Then back in the closet He went. As society faltered, so did roles of leaders who rose in their "seats of power" for themselves and not for God and His ways. The poison spread and spread. The "little bit of yeast" let in infected the whole loaf. We have a sinful, divided, corrupt, and evil society. No longer do people filter their lives through Jesus but charge ahead making choices that satisfy and advance themselves, never considering the consequences of living without Christ.

As individuals, we must each choose our own path very carefully. The wise in Christ live seeking and asking God for direction, answers, and wisdom in this time. He will reveal to you what HE WANTS in this time, for His Kingdom work, in His plan, and in His timing. That's were hope, perseverance self-control and all the fruits of the spirt come in.....and trust and faith.... in the VICTOR, Jesus Christ....relationship, not religion.

Build your relationship with Christ and stand strong on His foundations as the spiritual battle escalates in America today.

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