Friday, April 22, 2016


Why must so many let themselves fall into the destruction they were warned about so many times before accepting the truth that could have avoided their outcomes? Denying truths and facts because it goes against your ingrained thinking and repeated decisions is IGNORANT PRIDE. Some have spent so much time and lip service supporting and defending proven liars and deceivers.

MUST MORE PEOPLE BE HURT, HARMED, KILLED, JOBLESS, MORE IN DEBT, LESS FREE AND LESS SECURE BEFORE THE MASSES UNITE FOR THE FOUNDATIONS THAT KEEP US ALL FROM TUMBLING DOWN THE ROAD OF DESTRUCTION? Is a free IPhone and welfare more important than being free and having a government that protects that and your individual rights as an American citizen?

Too many focus on the crumbs, and call them amazing, while the whole loaf and entire bakery is being taken away from them. Trees are valued more than living, breathing lives in the womb with a heartbeat. Cutting down trees is seen as destructive and laws are made to protect them, but humans in the womb can be murdered and their body parts sold on the market for profit. Bullying is called bad and addressed in schools, yet the schools and our government bully your children into their way of speaking, thinking, learning. The "Earth" is glorified and exalted over the Creator. The messages of leaders who change what God says are elevated over the Word of God. Hate and revenge and anger are fueled over individual accountability and respect. Group thinking consumes minds over individual examination. History is being eroded and replaced with the "re-education" Obama said he would enact. The poisons are spreading like wildfire, and minds are being consumed.

THE CHANGERS ARE DESTROYING OUR NATION FROM WITHIN, TEMPTING WITH FREE GOODIES, PULLING WITH FALSE EMOTIONAL TRAPS, PITTING AMERICAN CITIZEN AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZEN all while Obama and his "democratic" administration lied about doing the opposite.... "will unite".... YET STILL some call them "good."
LIARS LIE. DECEIVERS DECEIVE, with the prettiest smiles, the coated gifts, the false promises, the charming presentations, and the distracting of your emotions. EVERY HUMAN IS FREE TO CHOOSE EVIL OR GOOD, no matter their title, position, wealth, or education. EVERY HUMAN MUST USE DISCERNMENT AND NOT IGNORE THE FRUITS THAT PRODUCE BAD THINGS FOR PEOPLE. Sticking to proven liars is giving your life over to evil parasites who will suck the life right out of you... every day. Don't open your hand for the crumbs while they chain your whole life.
PRIORITIES MUST BE FIRM FOR THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS..... for truth and respect and high moral standards. When that crumbles, so does society, so does law, so does individual freedom, so does the American life that so many have fought for and died for ... for ALL OF US. Defend your country by REBUKING AND REJECTING liars and troublemakers and deceivers who abuse their positions. Call them out no matter their party, their color of skin, their gender, their economic status, their position or title.
Look at America these last 7 years. The fall of society is in clear sight on center stage. To deny our fall and continue to advance past decisions when all about us is crumbling is to aid the evil people who con and deceive to gain their own power over us all. PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL. Those continuing to give evil its position give evil power to destroy us all, the truth tellers and the fooled.
THE FALL OF AMERICA IS REAL AND DANGEROUS. The poison is spread throughout our society, our government, our schools/universities, media, entertainment, sports, and even in many "churches." If we don't come together for a united nation for law and justice for all, for respect and compassion for all, for FREEDOM DEFENDED OVER ALL, then we will continue to FALL. Those continuing to give power to evil people in this nation own their on hand in America's fall. Aiding evil ends in destruction, EVERY TIME. Ignoring evil and calling it good because it gives you your immediate desires while ignoring the long-term consequences feeds the death of America, the government enslavement of citizens, the FALL OF FREEDOM ONCE PROTECTED, DEFENDED AND PRESERVED FOR GENERATIONS.

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