Monday, April 18, 2016



FROM: Darius Radmanesh
I want to take this time and share something with everyone that which I have only told two people in my life up to now my late mother and Grandfather...I haven't even shared this with my wife as yet...First I want to begin my stressing that what I am about to tell you is the honest to God truth, and I swear on my children that none of this is fabricated or a lie...It concerns the time when I had just escape from Iran, I had been in the United states for no more than a couple of days at this point..It was early spring 1987, I recall sitting in the backseat of my Grandfathers brand New Cadillac with my mother sitting next to me and my Grandfather was behind the wheel as we drove down Baltimore street, the main drag in my home town of Kirksville MO...I remember the Sun was shining, the sky was the most clearest and most beautiful blue I had ever seen...There was a sweet smell of flowers and freshly mowed Grass in the air...People weir all over the place walking up and down the sidewalks....

Through my open window I could hear laughter..People weir happy and enjoying the first warm days of spring...I remember how happy I was ta that very moment...I still could not blue that I was finally back home in my home state of Missouri!..No more Hezbollah...No more Mullahs..No more persecution...No more executions...No more war...No more tyranny! etc...Then as I was looking at the beautiful Blue sky and thanking Al-Mighty God for helping me to return home...In an instant...And once again..I cannot stress this enough..THIS IS %100 

TRUE AND I SWEAR THIS ON ALL OF MY CHILDREN...The sky became the most blackest black I had ever seen...Then almost just as fast, a deep Blood reddish glow engulfed the sky...Then right before my eyes the Blackness and Red transformed in to blazing flames of fire and Black rolling Smoke!...Then I heard soul screeching and ear deafening screams and cries of men and women alike...I recall my heart began beating so hard and fast I thought it was going to burst out of my chest...I began breathing very hard and I could feel a very ice cold sweat covering my forehead and face...

Then I heard a sound that which I have not forgotten to this very day...It was a voice...It said...Enjoy America Dar...Because it won't last for much longer!...Then that was it!...Just as fast and sudden as it had appeared the image and sounds all vanished...I looked around me and realized that I was still in the back of my Grandfather's Cadillac, with my Grandfather still behind the wheel and my mother sitting next to me....I remember after I got home that night...What I had seen disturbed me so badly I went into my room, closed the door and refused to leave my room and the house for several days...Naturally my mother became very worried and concerned...So after relentlessly inquiring as to what was wrong..I was forced to tell her...At first I thought she would probably just laugh and brush it off as just a fragment of my imagination..Only she didn't...She also became very concerned..So much so she called my Grandfather and had me tell him as well...In any event...In relation with the events taking place in America and all over the world today...I thought it appropriate and timing for me to share with everyone what I had seen nearly thirty years before in the back seat of my Grandfathers car....I have to admit...The vision of what I had seen haunts my dreams to this very day....May God have mercy on my beloved America!..Amen.

Darius Radmanesh

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