Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Chosen People Ministries, 241 E 51st Street,New York, NY 10022 by Dr. Mitch Glaser ph.D. Thank you for signing the “Every State for Israel” petition asking our president to remain steadfast in his support for Israel. We are encouraged by America’s willingness to go on record in defense of Israel’s right to exist.

1) Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

2) To support the poor and needy in Israel.

3) To encourage Messianic Jews and Arab believers in Israel. 

4) To bring the message of the Gospel to the Jewish people in Israel. 

5) To organize “grass root” state by state support for Israel among evangelical christians and to speak with one voice to our elected officials on Israel related issues. 

6) To provide resources, books, pamphlets, videos and online education for evangelical christians about Israel and the messianic Jewish movement.

7) To oppose antisemitism in all forms and wherever it appears. (unquote Dr. Glaser) 

Pearl’s Poem: 
Days of Old. Long ago from Days of Old...there’s a story that’s been told. 

There’s a place so dear to me...far across the deep blue sea,. There on that first Christmas a manger christ was born. There His Purple Robe was worn. There, they made His Crown of Thorns. On a Hill named Calvary....There, He died for you and me. There, my Savior went away...But He’s coming back someday. Kneeling at the wailing wall...We will Crown Him Lord of All.

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